Afghanistan: New Born Babies-Mothers Killed, Humanity You can Rest In Peace

Afghanistan: New Born Babies-Mothers Killed, Humanity You can Rest In Peace

On Tuesday, May 12th, three terrorist entered Doctors without Border’s maternity ward and open fired on mothers, new-born babies and everyone present there. The  attack led to death of 24 people. Even humanity would have buried its head in shame after this incident. Two new born babies died and 18 new born babies were left motherless. Hajur Sarwari, who was in labor with her second child at Kabul hospital was shot thrice in her abdomen which killed her and her unborn child.

Afghan President, Ashraf Ghani, in response to the attack ordered a resumption of a full offensive against the Taliban and other militant groups which was reduced due to a deal brokered by United States between Taliban and Afghan government.

“These newborns, among the first voices they heard, on the first day of their lives, was the sound of gunfire … and among their first experiences, being targeted in a war they and their mothers had no part in, will their lives, like ours, continue to be shaped by war?” tweeted Shaharzad Akbar, the chair of the Afghanistan Independent Human Rights commission.

On Tuesday morning Zainab gave birth to a baby boy, he was named Omid meaning “hope” in Dari. Zainab got a opportunity to be a mother after seven years, however her happiness couldn’t last even for a day. The terrorist killed hope, Omid, leaving Zainab childless once again.

India condemned the terroist attack on Kabul hospital and the external affairs ministry termed it to “barbaric”. UN chief Antonio Guterres has strongly condemned the “horrific” attack on a maternity hospital in Afghanistan. In his statement he said, “attacks against civilians are unacceptable and that hospitals, medical facilities and personnel have special protection under the international humanitarian law. Those who carry out such crimes must be held accountable”.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) Director-General Tedros said that he was ‘shocked and appalled’ to hear of the attack on a maternity hospital in Afghanistan. Tedros in a statement released on the WHO website said, “As the world celebrated nurses, I was shocked and appalled to hear of the attack on an MSF hospital in Afghanistan, which led to the deaths of nurses, mothers, and babies. Civilians and health workers should never be a target and as my colleague and dear friend Mike Ryan said last week, the weaponisation of health is not helping anywhere. We need health and peace. We need peace for health and health for peace. And we need it now!”

The world is fighting an invisible enemy Coronavirus. Millions of people have been infected due to it and thousands have lost life. But there is a section of humans who never fail to put the humanity to shame. As a human being, we can clearly see the reason for our sufferings. Yes, it can be said “Rest In Peace” humanity.