After Corona, New Chinese Virus Found, Could it result In Pandemic?

New Chinese Virus Found: With Coronavirus creating havoc around the world, China is yet again prepared to give world one more virus which may result in pandemic. The virus is believed to be carried by pigs and is capable of infecting humans. The virus strain is reported to be similar to that of influenza virus that spread in the year 2009.

Scientists have called the virus as G4 EA H1N1 and as per the reports from several media outlets the evidence of the virus was found in people working in abattoirs and swine flu industry in China. As per the report, current swine flu vaccine is unable to contain the virus or does not protect humans against it.

China has been known as for giving world several viruses. Not just Coronavirus but world has been infected by several other viruses emerging out of China.

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Lets us look at the virus that has emerged out of China and traveled around the globe.

  • SARS

SARS or Severe Acute Respiratory spread around the world in year 2002-2004. The virus was believed to has been developed from bats in the Yunnan city of China. By the time the virus was bought in control, as per World Health Organisation 26 countries were already affected by the virus. A total of 8422 cases were reported with fatality rate of 11%.

  • AVIAN Flu

Influenza A or Avian influenza refers to the disease caused by infection with avian (bird) influenza (flu) Type A viruses. The virus was first reported to have infected humans in March 2013, in China. By the end of year, 144 cases were reported of whi 46 deaths. However, there were several waves of virus that hit the world. By end of 2016, 1223 cases were reported with 40% fatality rate.

  • COVID-19

COVID-19 is the most dangerous virus emerging out of Wuhan city of China. The virus has bought entire world into standstill since January this year. No vaccine has been discovered that could contain the virus. Around the world this virus has already infected millions of people with several thousands losing their life. China is accused to have hidden the information of virus in the beginning. Till date 10,413,558 cases has been reported around the world and 508,250 have succumbed to COVID-19.

The Chinese Coronavirus has hit India very hard. From Nipah Virus to SARS to Bird Flu, India has been hit many viruses in the past. However, none of the virus was able to do so much of damage to lives of people that COVID-19 has done. In 1918 when Spanish Flu broke out, India was worst affected country then. In India, the pandemic broke out first in June 1918 in Mumbai. The pandemic is believed to have killed up to 14 -17 million people in the country, the most among all countries. Around the world, the flu is believed to have infected 500 million people in four successive waves. Around 17 to 50 million people are believed to have died due to Spanish Flu around the world.

Why New Chinese Virus is Matter of Concern?

The discovery of new virus in China, has created a sense of alarm around the world. World at present is able to control the spread of Coronavirus to some extent. With no vaccine discovered, there still lies the fear of second wave of virus infection in the countries where virus spread has been controlled to some extent. China has been very efficient in hiding information from the world. Therefore, nothing can be interpreted out of media reports about the new H1N1 virus emerging in China. Added to it, China is accused of hiding Coronavirus numbers from the world. Therefore, the discovery of new Chinese Virus may have sent an alarm bell ringing in different part of the world.

After Corona, New Chinese Virus Found, Could it result In Pandemic?

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