After Coronavirus, Cyclone Nisarga to hit Maharashtra

India is bracing for yet another cyclonic storm, Cyclone Nisarga, to hit the country this week, on the Maharashtra Coast. The Arabian Sea will form a low-pressure area within the next 48 hours and around June 3 will hit Gujarat and Maharashtra coasts.

The IMD informed that, “A low-pressure area would form over the southeast-east-central Arabian Sea during the next 48 hours. To intensify into a depression during the subsequent 48 hours with the possibility of further intensification. To move north-northwestwards towards Gujarat and north Maharashtra coasts till June 3.”

Out of the two storms that are forming over the Arabian Sea, one is placed close to India, and will hit the Gujarat-Maharashtra coast, while the other storm that is close to the African coast, will move to Yemen and Oman.

In comparison with Cyclone Amphan, which hit Bengal and left a trail of devastation behind and killing around 86 people and left around 10 million homeless, Cyclone Nisarga is less likely to cause such damage, as its intensity is believed to be low.

The IMD has issues heavy rainfall warning along with rough sea conditions for coastal authorities in Maharashtra, Kerala, Gujarat, Karnataka and Goa for 2 and 3 June. The IMD is surveying the matter and keeping the concerned state governments updated.

Other than the issues warning regarding heavy rainfall, Kerala is to prepare for the onset of Monsoon in the Country soon, after pre-monsoon showers poured over earlier last week.


A cyclone hitting the Maharashtra-Gujarat coast in June will be a rare occurrence. Since 1981, no weather storm has turned into a cyclone and struck the Maharashtra-Gujarat coast during June, as per a repository that track tropical cyclones over the north Indian ocean.

The past depressions of 1980, and 1948, didn’t turn into a tropical storm despite coming close, in the month of June. Maharashtra is likely to witness strong winds and heavy rainfall during for a couple of days.

The Vice President of meteorology and climate change, Skymet, said, “It will be a cyclonic storm that will move rapidly over these regions leading to intense shower but the weather system will not intensify into a severe or extremely severe cyclone. South Gujarat and north Konkan, including Mumbai, will receive maximum rain on June 3 and the situation will improve thereafter”.

With the ongoing coronavirus crisis in the country, Gujarat and Maharashtra are the top two worst affected states of the country. They report soaring high cases every day and make up for almost half of the total coronavirus cases in the country. Heavy rainfalls and winds in the states are likely to cause floods, and it might lead to a catastrophic situation for people in Maharashtra, as numbers of coronavirus cases might not go down after an added problem in hand.