Alliance Troubles hand Initiative back to TRS: Voices from Telangana

The extraordinary Public spats within the opposition in Telangana  has handed over the initiative back to the TRS. With TJS set to contest in 12 seats and CPI in 5, the alliance is in serious trouble.

At one point the alliance was leading TRS by one seat. Now it trails by 5 seats. TRS is now well placed to form the next Government.

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Voices from Telangana


It’s a root level pulse.. people in telangana knews about all the false statements of mr.kcr…most of them want give a chance to grand alliance….


The alliance between congress and TDP. The joining of TJS in this alliance gave the much needed legitimacy and a good face for this alliance. The TRS would face anti-incumbency. Unemployment, not annoumcing PRC, disappointment among Dalits would work against TRS in this election.


I have traveled most of the north Telangana and Hyderabad and surrounding , people r not happy with TDP Congress alliance also majority people r happy with KCR


TRS have work well but the tie up between congress and tdp and trs have not given 12 reservation and the media is telling that bjp and trs will alliance so the seats of trs might be less than last year seats


On ground reality… Pro incumbency here is high among old age people ,BC vote share will be a plus point. Negative : among youth for job notifications .


Mahakootami is going to give tough competition ,bjp performance is going to be improved in rural areas because of these two groups trs performance is likely to come down


In my view telangana rastra samithi party is favorite for all. They selected candidate early but other parties not selected any candidate. The trs also ruling party


I think present situation in telangana state for TRS party losing the seats because of former MLA candidates but TRS party voting share will be increased compared to 2014 elections


Google Trends

Congress continues to dominate the trends with the daily news coverage of alliance difficulties. In that sense, it is negative coverage. However, TRS has not been able to make much headway either inspite of TRS officially launching the campaign on Sunday.


October 14th

TRS – 26

Congress – 14


November 11th

TRS – 30

Congress – 71


This data is quite troublesome for the TRS. The overall seat movement of TRS appears to be linked to negative news coming out of Congress and not due to the campaign efforts of TRS.


In Sum

The current momentum is back in favour of TRS. However, it is not coming because of strong positive momentum from its campaign but due to the infighting in the Mahakutami Alliance. The inability of the alliance to show a united face is impacting swing voters. Their actions in the next one two weeks will determine the course of this election.