Amazing : New Coronavirus cases in India Declining

Coronavirus cases in India: India, the fourth coronavirus worst hit country has shown a gleam of hope as the total number of reported new cases have shown a decline in the past three days. This comes at a time when India entered second phase of Unlocking.

How are the new Coronavirus Cases in India Declining?

  • On Sunday, 28th June around 19.9k cases were reported
  • On Monday 29th June, 19.4k cases were reported,
  • The number of cases reported in the last twenty-four hours is 18.6k.

The total number of reported cases in the country stands at 5,85,493. The recovery rate of the country has also improved to 59.43%. 507 deaths due to Coronavirus were reported yesterday, which takes the total death count to 17,400. Number of Coronavirus samples tested yesterday were 2,17,931. Active cases in the country is at 2,20,114. Around 3,47,978 patients have recovered so far, as per the Health Ministry’s data.

Coronavirus cases in India

The declining of the cases trend has been noticed in the country. However, this does not mean that we have reached our peak and the number of cases is declining steadily. With the new method of testing, guessing the country’s peak time is not easy. Many experts are of the belief that the peak of the country will depend on the daily decline of the number of deaths, and not reported cases. The increased testing rate in the country has been responsible for the high surge seen in the cases, and hence the number of reported cases is not a reliable tool for setting an approximate peak in the country.

The rural areas have reported a smaller number of cases, and big cities like Mumbai, Delhi and Chennai account for the lions share of the total reported number of coronavirus cases in the country.

President of Public Health Foundation of India Prof. K Srinath Reddy expressed his views regarding the peak of Coronavirus cases in India, and said that it can only be assumed that India has crossed its peak when the number of daily deaths decline for ten days in a row. Instead of looking it as one big epidemic in the country, Prof. K Srinath Reddy said that there are little epidemics all over the country, moving at a different pace.

Which states are contributing to Decline of COVID-19 Cases in India?

Delhi on Tuesday reported 2,199 cases. The total number of cases in Delhi stands at 87,360, with 26,270 active cases. A decline in the number of reported coronavirus cases in the capital can be seen, as the number of cases reported on Sunday was 2,889. Despite this decline, the number of containment zones in the capital stands at 440. Over 17,179 samples were tested yesterday in Delhi.

Maharashtra has seen a decline in the number of deaths due to the virus. the state has the maximum number of cases in India. 245 deaths and 4,878 positive cases were reported in the state yesterday. There are around 75,979 active cases in the state. The number of reported cases is below 5k, which is an improvement.

Tamil Nadu, however is not showing any sign of improvement. Yesterday, it took over Delhi in total number of reported Coronavirus cases. Over 90,000 cases have been reported in the state. Many cities in the state have been put under strict lockdown. However, Tamil Nadu has conducted maximum number of tests related to Coronavirus in country

The Prime Minister addressed the nation yesterday and advised everyone to not let their guard down, as the unlocking phase 2 will begin from today, and maintaining social distancing and taking required precautions are all the more necessary. With the monsoon season arriving, the number of infections in the country might rise, and can add a heavy load on the healthcare system. So it is of utmost importance to follow the issued guidelines and help bring the coronavirus curve down.  India reported around 66% of total cases in the month of June.

Amazing : Coronavirus cases in India Declining

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