Amphan move towards Bengal with 160+ km/h speed

Amphan move towards Bengal with 160+ km/h speed
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Amphan is likely to hit land today in the afternoon. According to the IMD, it is likely to cross between Digha (in Bengal) and Hatiya Islands (in Bangladesh) – See Map below

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Maps of Bengal and Bangladesh

Wind speeds are likely to be above 160km/h which the IMD has classified as Extremely severe cyclonic storm. While the storm is likely to hit land between Bengal and Bangladesh, Odisha is likely to face winds between 110 and 125 km/h during the day today. Extremely heavy rainfall is forecast in some parts of Bengal while Odisha, most of Bengal and Sikkim are likely to receive heavy to very heavy rainfall. The Coast of Bengal is likely to see Astronomical Tides of 4-5 metres.

In our analysis of some of the most damaging cyclones yesterday, we found most of these storms were above 200 km/hr. In other words, with sufficient care, the damage to life will be minimal but it is likely that homes of the poor (Thatched and Kuccha Houses in affected districts, some 2 % of Bengal’s Houses) will be severely impacted as a consequence of this cyclone. Crops are also likely to be impacted but given it is May, the impact is likely to be lesser. With Corona also in play, it is likely to complicate relief efforts. Await a lot of politics on this going forward.

Pic Courtesy: NOAA, 9.3PM IST. Content Courtesy: IMD

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