Andhra Pradesh Coronavirus Cases : From Deputy CM to Common Public All Infected

Andhra Pradesh Coronavirus Cases : Andhra Pradesh’s coronavirus cases have been witnessing a huge spike these days. Recently, Andhra Pradesh Deputy Chief Minister, his wife and daughter tested positive for Coronavirus.

South Indian states in India have been contributing their fair share of high number of coronavirus cases each passing day. What started from Kerala it was followed by Telangana and Karnataka. State governments have issued quarantine and other protocols for people travelling into the state.

Andhra Pradesh at present has already recorded over 33,000 cases till-date. The number of recovered patients stands at 17,467. Deaths caused due to COVID-19 in Andhra Pradesh stand at 408.

Over 1,916 people tested positive for the virus in the last twenty-four hours marking one of the highest single day increase in number. 43 people died of COVID-19 yesterday. The number of active cases stands at 15,144. And as many as 17,467 people have recovered of the disease.

After the unlocking phase in India started after June 1st, Andhra Pradesh is the state where maximum population returned to work. All the states where maximum population returned to work are experiencing high rate of Coronavirus cases in past 1 month.

Top 5 States where most have returned to work

  1. Andhra, -1%
  2. Bihar, -2%
  3. TN, -4%
  4. Assam, -6%
  5. Karnataka, -8%

Andhra Pradesh Coronavirus Cases : What Steps are being taken by Government?

Till date 11,95,766 totalsample test have been carried out in Andhra Pradesh while on 14th July, state conducted 22,670 Coronavirus sample tests. Considering the present scenario in mind, the Andhra Pradesh Government has postponed all of their Common Entrance Tests.

The Government is also ensuring proper care being taken of the coronavirus patients, who are already having their fair share of suffering. To not add on to that, the Government has now decided upon a new menu to be set for the patients, to ensure adequate nutrition is being given to the patients for their speedy recovery.

All COVID-19 patients, patients in isolation wards, and the people in quarantine facilities will have a new and revised food menu.  The protein requirement of these people will be taken care of in this new and revised diet plan. The government will spend 500 rupees per person a day.

In another series of events, the frontline workers consisting of sanitation workers, outsourced nurses have been protesting against the exploitative conditions they have been forced to work in. More than 700 outsourced employees conducted this protest at the Gandhi General Hospital. Several nurses have been protesting since Friday. They have been receiving a salary of around Rs.10,000 per month.

Andhra Pradesh Coronavirus Cases

The present working conditions for these frontline workers are extremely tough, and they need a hike in their salary as with the onset of coronavirus, their job has become ever so demanding and tiring. Coming in direct contact with coronavirus patients and taking care of them is a very consuming job in itself, and being underpaid for doing such a tough job is extremely exploitative.

India has crossed the 9 lakh cases mark with over 9,36,926 cases registered. Total of 1,24,12,664 tests have been conducted in the country till now. The number of tests conducted per day have increased to 2.2 lakh, but it is still relatively low in comparison with the population of the country, which stands at 130 crores.

Andhra Pradesh Coronavirus Cases : From Deputy CM to Common Public All Infected

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