Andhra Pradesh Coronavirus Update : A New Hotspot In South India

Andhra Pradesh Coronavirus Update : Andhra Pradesh is gradually turning into a coronavirus hotspot in India. With over 64,000 cases reported till date, the state in now fifth most affected state in country just behind Karnataka.

The state reported a whopping 6045 positive cases in the last 24-hours with 7 deaths due to coronavirus. As many as 14,35,827 tests have been conducted in the state so far. Not only this the growth rate cases in Andhra Pradesh is very high. In last one week there has been 10% growth in the number of reported cases in the state.

As per 2011 census, the population of Andhra Pradesh is around 4.97. This makes the cases per million population stand at 1239.21. Andhra Pradesh has conducted 27,495 tests per million as of today. In recent days, there has been rapid increase in number of sample tests in the state as a result more number of cases are being reported on daily basis. As per the mortality rate, the state has been performing better. The mortality rate in state stands at 1.27% as of now.

Andhra Pradesh Coronavirus Update : Which districts are contributing most?

The top five districts in Andhra Pradesh, which have contributed the most cases are- East Godavari, Guntur, Kurnool, West Godavari, and Chittoor.

andhra pradesh coronavirus update

The number of active cases in the state is 31,763, while as many as 32,127 people have recovered. There isn’t much of a difference between the number of active and recovered cases. This is worrying as the steep curve of coronavirus cases in Andhra Pradesh is just increasing. There is exponential growth of cases in the state, and it won’t take much time for the number of active cases to overtake the number of recovered cases.

A total of 7 legislators have till now tested positive for the virus in the state.

The cases in southern India are at an all time high. Karnataka now has over 75,000 cases, very close to the one-lakh mark. Tamil Nadu has a higher mortality rate of 2.1%. Tamil Nadu has over 1,86,492 cases as of now.

The government has issued guidelines and protocols to prevent further spread of the virus. It is of great importance to follow the issued guidelines and maintain social distancing. Since the virus spreads very easily, even slight carelessness can cause major damage to the whole country. While many European countries are flattening the coronavirus curve, USA with over 4 million cases, Brazil, with around 2.23 million cases, and India, which recently crossed the one million mark, have been relentlessly reported more and more cases each passing day. With more tests being conducted each day, it is hoped that the condition will iron out soon.

Andhra Pradesh Coronavirus Update : A New Hotspot In South India

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