Andhra Pradesh COVID update: Kurnool, East Godavari in Trouble

Andhra Pradesh COVID update: Active cases in the state are 85428 whereas the number of people who have recovered stands at 1.3 lakhs. The infection positivity rate has risen to 8.76% and is getting closer to the national average of 8.9%. One worrying factor is that, in the first week of August the number of new infections has grown at an average of 6.4% every day.

Andhra Pradesh COVID update: Case Rate by District

Andhra Pradesh’s coronavirus graph has peaked in the last three week, crossing 2 lakhs cases. The state has till now tested 23,62,270 samples so far. Based on the testing the districts which have the maximum cases in Andhra Pradesh are:

30,160 – East Godavari

26,032 – Kurnool

23,249 – Anantapur

20,837 – Guntur

18,532 – Visakhapatnam

The district – East Godavari with the highest population in the state has the maximum no. of cases. The state has a very high case per million count, which is about 4,156 per million and has tested about 46,425 people per million.

Andhra Pradesh COVID update: Recovery Rate by District

16,314 Kurnool

16,162 Anantapur

16,148 East Godavari

13,164 West Godavari

13,038 Guntur

The recovery rate has shown a slight improvement being at 58.21% but that is still way below the national average of 67.98%. The state has been trying to improve its efforts to increase the recovery rate, but has been facing challenges like high positivity rate and the fire today in the Vijaywada coronavirus facility

Andhra Pradesh COVID update: Testing Rate by District

2,60,000 – Kurnool

2,50,000 – East Godavari

2,40,000 – Krishna

2,20,000 – Guntur

1,90,000 – Srikakulam

The testing in Andhra Pradesh is impressive with more than 2 lakh testing done in 4 districts, with 7 other districts showing a testing nos. at more than 1.5 lakhs. Testing is the key to identifying new cases and curbing the virus. Which is also why the State has been able to keep the death rate under control.

Andhra Pradesh COVID update: Deaths by District

With a total of 1939 deaths, Andhra Pradesh is 8th in the country in the total no. of deaths reported. Let’s take a look at the districts that are leading the chart.  

238 Kurnool

218 East Godavari

211 Guntur

208 Krishna

162 Anantapur

The fatality of the state is at 0.9%, and it is important that this metric is kept in check. Andhra was one of the first states to open up aggressively and the consequences are there to see. The state needs to keep focussing on keeping the case numbers in control before it opens up agan.

Andhra Pradesh COVID update: Kurnool, East Godavari in Trouble

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