Are Bihar and UP the top 2 States for Outward Migration?

Are Bihar and UP the top 2 States for Outward Migration?
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Yes, UP and Bihar made up of 21 million migrants in 2011 or about 38% of outward migration. Migrant is defined as someone who is living outside the State of Birth but within India. So yes, they are the top Two States for Outward migration. But don’t forget, Bihar and UP make up for 25% of India’s population. So here is the catch –

If one were to adjust for population, the top two States for outward migration were Haryana and Uttarakhand.

Census India 2011
image 2

Bihar came 3rd.

Guess which is 4th? Delhi!

UP and Punjab share the 5th spot. It is remarkable how so many affluent States contribute to outward migration. Their small populations are hiding the fact they too contribute significantly to migration.

In fact, the top 5 most affluent States together contributed 8.8 million outward migrants which made up for 6% of their population, just shy of 6.5% for Uttar Pradesh.

Economic factors are a big driver (after marriage) for outward migration but it is not just about Poor States, it is also about how people from rich States (as seen above) are moving to other States (Including Poor States) for a better life or opportunity

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