Assam Coronavirus Districtwise Analysis: Which District is most Affected?

Assam Coronavirus Districtwise Analysis: Assam has been reporting over a thousand cases. A surge in cases has been witnessed in the north eastern state. The positivity rate is also nearing 5%. The cases this past week have grown by 4.8% in the state. The case per million count is also high in the state. In a state with 3.4 crore population, for every million people 1878.1 have been infected. India’s case per million count is ever so slightly lower than that of Assam, at 1750.2.

However, Assam’s fatality rate is not much. It is just around 0.2%. As many as 155 people have died of the virus in the state.

The recovery rate is also impressive, at 70%. Around 45,074 people have recovered of the virus in the state. 29.8% people are still undergoing treatment for the virus. 19,175 people are still infected with the virus.

Assam has conducted a lot many tests in the state. 14,30,691 samples have been tested in the state. For every million population, 41,179.6 samples have been tested in the state. One of the highest in the state.

Here is a district wise analysis of the coronavirus epidemic in the state-

Assam Coronavirus Districtwise Analysis: : Districts with the most active cases

8,104- Kamrup Metropolitan

1,561- Nagaon

1,452- Dibrugarh

1,387- Kamrup

948- Cachar

Districts other than these five have fewer than 900 cases. Many of them such as Dhemaji, Bakasa, South Salmara Mankachar, West Karbi Anglong have fewer than 50 cases. They are doing relatively better than other districts in Assam.

Assam Coronavirus Districtwise Analysis: Districts with the most recoveries

11,336- Kamrup Metropolitan

1,688- Nagaon

1,569- Jorhat

1,499- Cachar

1,486- Dibrugarh

Kamrup Metropolitan has the highest active cases in the state, and also a very high recovery rate. This is important as with more active cases than recoveries can overwhelm the healthcare system.

Assam Coronavirus Districtwise Analysis: Districts with the most fatalities

54- Kamrup Metropolitan

17- Tinsukia

14- Dibrugarh

10- Jorhat

9- Cachar

The state has a fairly lower fatality rate, and the maximum deaths due to the virus have been reported in Kamrup Metropolitan. These five districts have the most active cases and deaths, but also the most recoveries. Other districts in the state have fewer than five deaths due to the coronavirus. Assam has been relentlessly working towards eradicating the virus from the state. The state will also provide free oximeters to the patients in home isolation. They will also provide first-line supportive medicine.

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