Assam Election Exit Poll 2021: BJP set to retain its Government in State

Assam Election Exit Poll 2021: BJP set to retain its Government in State
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Assam may not see change this time. However, the new government may have just a slim majority as per Crowdwisdom360’s Assam Election Exit Poll 2021. 

The final phase of Assam Assembly election was held on 6th April 2021. After three phases both the alliances, NDA and UPA have claimed to win maximum seats. However, the results which will be declared on 2nd May will decide which alliance will have the opportunity to sit on the throne of Assam.

Assam may not see change this time. However, the new government may have just a slim majority as per Crowdwisdom360’s Assam Election Exit Poll Prediction 2021. 

With few days left for Assam election result to be declared, Crowdwisdom360 has conducted Assam election survey in last few days. As per our latest Assam Exit Poll prediction 2021, BJP+ may win 65 seats while INC alliance in Assam may win 57 seats.

Here is the summary of the Assam Election Exit Poll for 2021 Assembly election:

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Google Search Update, 5th April

2016: BJP: 78%, Congress: 22%

2019: BJP: 64%, Congress: 36%

2021: BJP: 72%, Congress: 28%

In Phase 1, BJP underperformed versus 2019 Lok Sabha election

In Phase 2, Congress underperformed versus 2019 Lok Sabha election

In Phase 3, Congress underperformed versus 2019 Lok Sabha election

Assam Election Exit Poll 2021: Latest News

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SentinelAssam: Assam Jatiya Parishad urged government to control surging prices of food items

PM Modi’s ratings are at 64, highest amongst poll states indicating a strong position for BJP

Meanwhile here are some prediction by Twitter user after the end of final phase of Assam Election:

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**Please note, Crowdwidom360 does not endorses this numbers, these are solely by the users of Twitter itself**

Here is what Assam Election Exit Poll looked like in last Assembly election:

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Assam Election Exit Poll 2021 : The Assam Assembly election is scheduled for next year and the Congress is leaving no stone unturned to win this one. The last Assam Assembly election saw a rare occurrence in the North-east state, as the 3 times Chief Minister Tarun Gogoi led Congress faced defeat at the hands of the BJP. Assam used to be a Congress stronghold and BJP’s victory in Congress’s backyard was a major setback for the Congress party who had already lost the general election in 2014. With the Assembly elections up in 2021, the Congress is trying its best to regain power and show its resurgence.

Assam Election Exit Poll 2021 : How INC and AIUDF coalition will impact the election?

In order to fight the BJP, three-time Assam Chief Minister and Congress leader Tarun Gogoi, has suggested that his party has decided to strike up a grand alliance with the All India United Democratic Front (AIUDF) for the 2021 Assembly elections. In. a statement Tarun Gogoi, said “It’s not only the AIUDF, we are open to all like-minded parties. People of the state are dissatisfied over the state of the economy, people losing jobs and uncertainty all around,” The alliance is not officially confirmed but it is highly likely that these parties will fight the BJP together. If that happens to be the case, let’s see how it affect the electorate results of the state election.

Assam is a state with the third-highest Muslim population in the country with 34.6% Muslims. One of the reasons for the BJP win in 2016, was the division amongst the Muslim vote between the opposition and it is famously assumed that had the Muslim vote been consolidated and given to one alliance, the outcome could be different. This could be seen in places like Barhampur where the Congress party and AIUDF came second and third respectively.

In Assam Assembly election 2016, if voteshare is taken in account, Congress got more than what BJP got in the state in 2016 Assam election. The Congress vote share was a massive 31% and was better than the 29.4% enjoyed by the BJP. AIUDF at the same time received 12.9%, so if we keep cases like this in mind than the alliance will consolidate the votes – resulting in more seats.

However, what should not be ignored is that BJP contested on only 89 Assembly seats while Congress contested on 122 Assembly. Now if we add up the 2016 Assembly election voteshares of BJP alliance (BJP+AGP+BPF) , the BJP alliance got total 41.5% voteshare while Congress and AIUDF together got 44% voteshare, Congress got 31% voteshare and AIUDF, which contested on 74 seats got 13% voteshare.

Assam Election Exit Poll 2021

Assam Election Exit Poll 2021 : Why Congress, AIUDF Alliance is worth worrying for BJP?

All India United Democratic Front headed by Ajmal Badruddin enjoys goodwill amongst the Muslims electorate and if they join hands with the Congress then, they have a strong case in securing the trust of almost 1/3 of the state’s population. It must be noted that Assam is a state with the third-highest Muslim population in the country with 34.6%. In addition to that the swing voters, or the first time voters who have yet to decide on their votes, will have a strong opposition alternative that is not bickering amongst each other. This can prove to be crucial in defeating the BJP.

In addition to that The Congress, AIUDF, and Left Front are the only parties in Assam that have remained a strong critic of the ruling dispensation and never changed their stance. There has been anger against BJP government due to Citizenship Amendment Act. The new alliance if sealed may take the advantage of it and may contribute to dampen the chances of BJP in state.

Assam Election Exit Poll 2021: Now is it Advantage Congress in Assam after its alliance with AIUDF?

Assam has 61% of Hindu population. Though BJP has been able to score well among them but Congress to secure a good chunk of Hindu votes in Assam. Now any pre-poll alliance with AIUDF in Assam will definitely hurt the Hindu voters of Congress. AIUDF is highly unpopular among the Hindu voters and once the alliance is done, then there are higher chances that Hindu voters of Congress will be alienated and may find easy to decide whom to vote for in upcoming Assam Assembly election. Therefore, the INC-AIUDF alliance may be able to bring Muslim voters together but it may also bring the Hindu voters together and vote in large number in favor of BJP in Assam.

The Assam election is about a year away. The number of the seats that the Congress and AIUDF currently have in the state is 38, while the BJP has more than 80 seats with almost the same vote share as that of the Congress. An alliance in 2016, would have made a difference of at least 15 seats, had they decided to fight together. However, it will be too early to tell that the new alliance will hurt or will be advantage for BJP in Assam.

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