Bad News : Oxford’s Coronavirus Vaccine Trials Halted

Oxford’s Coronavirus Vaccine: With growing number of cases around the world, people around the world were waiting with hope for Oxford and Astrazeneca’s Coronavirus vaccine trial result. However, in what came as a bad news, Oxford’s Coronavirus vaccine candidate trials have been halted for the moment.

Why Oxford’s Coronavirus Vaccine Trials Halted?

Trials for the vaccine were stopped in four nations after a recipient in UK developed a “potentially unexplained illness”. Even in India SERUM institute which is manufacturing the Oxford University’s Covishield vaccine and which was conducting the vaccine trials in India will put the on hold as of now.

However, it must be the noted the vaccine trials are halted not cancelled. The temporary halt is to investigate the causes of the illness developed by one of their recipient in UK.

As per the Statnews, the recipient who showed an unexplained illness experienced neurological symptoms consistent with a rare but serious spinal inflammatory disorder called transverse myelitis. As per the news article, the CEO of AstraZeneca Pascal Soriot confirmed that the recipient who is a woman is improving and is likely to be discharged soon.

It must be noted that the Oxford vaccine trials was halted even in July when a recipient developed some neurological symptoms. AstraZeneca also issued a statement saying that an independent committee will decide as when to remove the hold on the trial.

Oxford’s Coronavirus vaccine is considered to be the in most advanced phase as compared to other vaccine candidates. However, the news of halt on vaccine trials may have devastated the hopes of millions around the world. But,it is expected that sooner the vaccine trial will resume and world will get the Coronavirus vaccine at the earliest.

To bring to your knowledge as of now 9 vaccine candidates are in Phase 3 of trials around the world including the Oxford’s vaccine candidate. 3 vaccine have been approved but for limited use only.

Oxford's Coronavirus Vaccine Trials Halted

As of now around the world, 28,029,549 positive cases of Coronavirus have been reported with 908,046 deaths. Vaccine for the virus only turns out to be an ultimate solution to make sure life returns to normality.

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