Beneficiaries come to the rescue of BJP – Supporter View

This article has been written by a BJP Supporter – Arpita R

With few weeks left for assembly elections in Rajasthan , the ruling BJP has made a spectacular come back .

Congress peaked too early and now witnessing a steady decline .In a bid to counter anti-incumbency social engineering at booth level commitees seems to be doing the trick for bjp ”

Various factors seem to be favouring bjp

1. Rajputs back in party fold thanks to efforts made by GAJENDRA SHEKAWAT

2. SHAH’S MICROMANAGEMENT-He held several meetings with farmers , women’s group ,rajput leaders , retired army personnel,booth level workers

3. TO ensure bjp victory in the desert state

a.Beneficiaries to come to the rescue of bjp-party has identified 20 mn beneficiaries who 12 cenral ans state government chemes . Even if half of them vote -bjp will beat anti incumbency

b. Caste arithmetic -with meenas , rajputs , upper caste , sc/st’s anti gujjars consolidating in favour of bjp. -Targetting Pilot Gujjars are considered as rivals of another dominant community the meenas who have a presence in about 40-60 seats in southern and eastern rajasthan

c. Political situation is such that if Pilot is projected as CM candidate then meenas will vote en masse for bjp , no clarity in congress camp-congress camp divided between two factions led by Pilot and Gehlot and workers on either side competing with each other

d. Vote share difference of just 2-3 percent between bjp and congress -can be easily overcone by intense campaigning by PM Modi

Lotus will bloom again in the desert state of india says Shekawat and there is no APPARENT anti -incumbency . Political analysts believe bjp ‘s efforts have paid off .Party workers are confident of a bjp encore while eagerly awaiting MOdI ‘S rallies hoping for a turn around

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