Bollywood, Nepotism and Sushant Singh Rajput- A Story Yet to Begin

Bollywood, Nepotism and Sushant Singh Rajput- A Story Yet to Begin
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Sushant Singh Rajput, an engineer who did not complete his engineering. An all India rank holder in engineering entrance exam, AIEEE, Sushant Singh Rajput rejected the scholarship from Stanford University, California to purse a career in Bollywood. However, he could never leave his love for science behind. With his telescope he traveled through rings of Saturn, visited Jupiter and spent nights watching Andromeda. Yes, he was a true disciple of Science prepared enough to rule the world of Bollywood.

From small screen show, Pavitra Rista to Bollywood blockbuster Kai Po Che, Sushant never failed to amuse his viewers by his excellent acting. Mastering the art of Helicopter Shot, he bought Dhoni’s life closer to every Indian household through his movie MS Dhoni: An Untold Story. Sushant was a star shining in the industry full of star kids. However, dancing within the galaxies would have been easier for Sushant but to fight against the so called Bollywood’s Superstars and their kids Sushant needed a Godfather which he never had. Finally, he gave up, may be not because he was weak but just because he wanted world to know the dark side of Bollywood. Sushant, somewhere up there today you may be smiling sitting beside your mother whom you loved the most. Your story will not be forgotten but you were at right place in wrong time. Rest in Peace and keep smiling.

Sushant Singh Rajput was always branded as outsider in Bollywood, after all Bollywood in reality is owned by few family houses. The actor who gave back to back superhits was out of work because the big Bollywood banners had “shadow” banned him and then Sushant became an untouchable in Bollywood. Here is something that will make you think how privileged the star kids are and what they felt about Sushant Singh Rajput.

Sushant Singh Rajput was truly a victim of nepotism. He knew it well that to survive in Bollywood he will have to bow before the Godfathers of Bollywood. However, Sushant chose his skills and believed that his acting and fans will help him sail through the rough sea of Bollywood. However, you were wrong Sushant, how can you dare to question the might that none dared to in past and who did had their career crushed. Here is how Sushant shared his feeling about nepotism.

Sushant, you are gone too soon, you knew this industry will survive only when nepotism is wiped out or learn the art of co-existence and give the talent also an equal opportunity instead of promoting just a star kid. There were many who cared for you within the industry. You just had to speak up your heart, who knows your one whisper to them would have kept you within us in this world. Here is something you should know Sushant, up there smiling and winning hearts in heaven.

I leave the readers to decide what might have forced Sushant to take such harsh step. Was he weak or did he wanted to end himself to bring a change in Bollywood. He was arrogant, he was full of attitude, Indian media did not fail to brand the young actor just to serve the purpose of their masters’ within Bollywood. Here I leave you with something that will help you decide the other side of Sushant who used to proudly say, “Bihar se Hum”

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