CM BS Yediyurappa’s stunning Confession: Lockdown not a solution to COVID-19

CM BS Yediyurappa made a stunning Confession yesterday

Lockdown not a solution to COVID-19

He further announced that Karnataka will not have any more lockdowns going forward. He has said that the economy has to continue and they will use other ways to end COVID-19

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This is perhaps one of the boldest moves on the COVID front as far as India is concerned. Whether it will work or not, time will tell.

BS Yediyurappa’s plan of Action

  • Insist on Wearing Masks and Keep adequate Social distancing in Public Places. Fines for Violation
  • Strict Enforcement of Containment Zones
  • Increased Tracing and Tracking
  • Dashboard for tracking and managing bed availability
  • Testing reports within 24 hours
  • Discouraging seniors to come out

Karnataka COVID Statistics

Karnataka is reeling from a 6 times increase in ACTIVE COVID Cases in the last 3 weeks from 7k+ to 44k+ cases. Over 1200 deaths were recorded during this period which is a 6 times increase in the last 3 weeks.

Karnataka’s success in managing COVID without a lockdown can be a big turning point in the battle ahead. If Karnataka is successful, India is likely to be back to normal quickly.

CM BS Yediyurappa had kept COVID under control for a long time

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