Bubonic Plague in China : Should World be Worried About it?

Bubonic Plague in China : The world is alarmed and in a state of panic regarding the potential bubonic plague, and anticipating the extent of the plague. However, this plague is not new; it has been in the world for many centuries now. Also, the WHO has ensured that the plague is being carefully monitored, and that there is no need to worry regarding the possibility of the virus spreading and turning into a new pandemic.

The new cases emerging in China have been taken up for treatment, and an alert has been set up in places in the country, and the hunting and eating of marmots has been prohibited.

The coronavirus pandemic, which has completely and rather drastically changed everything in the world, has caused this new found fear amongst people regarding potential epidemics or pandemics in the future. The Bubonic plague is causing increased tension amongst the world population, as we are already first hand witnessing a full blown pandemic.

The history of this bubonic plague has also played a major role in this profound fear of people. It was a killer and deadly disease, but with medical advancement and so many developments, even that is easy to treat.

The risk factor right now is not too high, and the situation is said to be managing well.

The people, who are now infected and have the disease, had consumed marmot meat, which can transmit the disease. Therefore, it is advised to not hunt or consume marmot meat to prevent this plague from going wide-scale.

Bubonic Plague in China : History

The first Black Death case was recorded during the sixth century. Around 50 million were killed. It is now referred to as the Plague of Justinian. The plague continued for over two centuries.

As mentioned earlier, this is not a new or a novel virus/plague, it has been present in the world for centuries. During the 1500s, almost 50 million people had died upon getting infected. It was called ‘’The Black Death’’. Then again in the 1600s the plague killed and wrecked havoc in the UK. Then in the 19th century, major outbreaks were witnessed in South Asian countries such as India and China.

Back then medical science was not advanced, neither were significant developments made in the field of medicine. Therefore, the lack of a suitable treatment ended up killing such a huge population throughout the world.

The disease has a variety of symptoms ranging from swollen lymph nodes, to chills and fever and headaches. The incubation period of the disease lies anywhere from 5 days to a week. One person can infect approximately 7 people.

Why should people not worry about the bubonic plague?

As mentioned earlier, the plague is not at all new and has been present with us for centuries now. In the recent past, many outbreaks happened, including the 2017 outbreak in Madagascar.

Doctors are confident that unlike the 14th century, when there were no treatment options or knowledge about the disease, this time around, medical science is equipped enough to prevent another outbreak, and effectively treat the infected people. However deadly this plague might be, treatments for it exist and are effective.

Bubonic Plague in China : Should World be Worried About it?

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