Captain R Tamil Selvan, MLA, Sion-Koliwada, Maharashtra: Achievements

Captain R Tamil Selvan, MLA, Sion-Koliwada, Maharashtra: Achievements
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Captain R Tamil Selvan

Member of Legislative Assembly

Sion-Koliwada, Maharashtra

Bhartiya Janata Party


Gave a letter of request to the Health Minister Shri  Ashwini Choubeyji to increase the number beds, to increase the number of doctors, nurses and staff and renew Sion Hospital.

Captain Tamil Selvan had submitted a request letter to Honarable Piyush ji Goyal (Minister of Coal & Rail Indian Government) for development of a *dharavi station* between sion station and matunga station. The same letter was also submitted to our previous Rail Minister Shri. Suresh Prabhu ji, so that the local residents between Sion and Matunga will be benifited. Since 10 years our MLA is trying and following rigoriously for this project.

On 22nd Aug 2017 innagural function at Wadala Fire Brigade Station, Antophill.
New Fire Vehicles were introduced. Inaugarated by Captain R Tamil Selvan and others.

Drainage line was blocked due to garbage and water over flow. MLA Captain R.Tamil Selvan called personal employees and managed to clear water clogging and cover all drainage lines.

Working towards target of 1 lack tree plantation by MLA Captain R Tamilselvan in Sion koliwada…Today 26.7.2017 Planting trees at Bharat ratna Dr.Babasaheb Ambedkar Garden

R Tamil Selvan, who had a counter at Mumbai’s CST station, helped save 36 persons injured in the terror attack on November 26, 2008 in Mumbai.

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