CBSE Class 10 Results: Formula to overcome bad result

CBSE Class 10 Results: Today CBSE Class 10 results will be declared. While one hopes that the results are great, if results are not favourable, it is normal to feel anxious and end of the world – both for the parent and student.

Students tend to underperform in boards because they just can’t remember all their lessons on exam day or may be can’t think through the answer/ solution during the duration of the exam. That is the skill that is getting testedTo Remember and To be able to Solve a problem in a short period of time

Unfortunately, many things in life are decided on the basis of this skill – College admissions, Job Interviews etc. So it is natural to feel insecure and anxious. While there may be numerous stories of success of people who have not done well in Class 10 exam but have done ‘well’ in life, it is difficult to believe it is possible to do well in life despite poor results.

What we did was analysed some of these successes. We found one common theme for success – Specialisation. Don’t believe us, look around at people who have done well despite ordinary CBSE Class 10 results.

CBSE Class 10 Results: What is Specialisation?

Consider a scenario!

Let us say CBSE Class 10 exam was conducted only for one subject and that was the student’s favourite subject.

Now, whatever calculation you do, the student will certainly do well in the exam and the gap between that student and the best student would not be huge. That is specialisation, that is real life.

Specialisation is about taking up one subject that you like and really going after it. It could be history, it could be chemistry, it could be accountancy or even home science.

The Parent, the student and perhaps even the teachers must understand what the student is good at an invest more than proportional time so that the Student can reach exceptional levels in it.

CBSE Class 10 Results: What if the student does not know what they are good at?

This is actually quite common. Again, there is no need to panic. Specialisation takes years to master so a delay of 2-3 years is not the end of the world. If the student is unclear as to what they are good at , they can make this choice again after the XII results. Two years is enough time to explore oneself more and with a slightly more mature mind.

The larger point is, specialisation is critical not just because of admissions into the best college. Specialisation can translate into a useful life skill which in turn can be financially very rewarding apart from being a satisfying career.

So today, whatever the result, panic and anxiety will prove to be pointless. If the result is great, good. One good step but no guarantee of success. If the result is ordinary, good. Specialise and conquer the world!

Follow these simple steps to check marks

CBSE Class 10 Results: Formula to overcome average result

Step 1: Log on to the official Board website or and

Step 2:  For Class 10 results,  click on the link which says “CBSE Class 10th Board Results”.

Step 3: Submit your roll number and others details as required.

Step 4: The result will appear on the website

Step 5: Download the result for future reference.

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