Chandrayan 2 : How World Responded to India’s Journey towards “ChandaMama”

On 22nd July 2019, India’s Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) launched one of its most difficult mission, mission to conquer Moon. The night of 6th September was chosen when Vikram lander was to land on Moon and history was to be created. However, the night of reckoning did not go as it was planned. Around 2.1 km from the surface of Moon, ISRO lost contact with Vikram. The mission stands incomplete, yet not just ISRO’s scientists, but entire nation stands hopeful, Vikram will rise and send us signal from the surface of Moon.

“Today, there may have been a blockade in our path. But we are not deterred from the path of our destination”, Prime Minister Narendra Modi in his address to nation from ISRO’s HQ was heard saying. Reassuring that the nation stands with ISRO and its scientist, PM Modi lending his shoulder to teary-eyed ISRO Chief Mr Sivan, gave a long a tight hug. Not just India, but entire world waited patiently to witness the landing of Indian’s Vikram on surface of moon. The Vikram and the mission associated with it comprised only 5% of Chandrayan 2 mission, however the soft landing of Vikram on moon was first of its kind from India.

By morning entire world congratulated ISRO for its courageous attempt to conquer moon at one go. It must be noted that of 38 attempts of soft landing on moon, only half have succeeded. It took Russia (former USSR) 5 failed attempts of soft landing on moon to taste the success while NASA took had to undergo couple of failed attempts to soft land its Surveyor 1 on the surface of moon. ISRO have already achieved couple of milestones and it is just matter of time that ISRO will fulfill even this dream of India.

“We are proud of India and its scientists today. Chandrayaan-2 saw some challenges last minute but courage and hard work you have shown are historical. Knowing Prime Minister Narendra Modi, I have no doubt he and his ISRO team will make it happen one day,” Prime Minister of Bhutan, Lothay Tshering tweeted.

The plenatary society in its tweet congratulated India’s space scientists and wished luck for next mission and for a successful Chandrayaan-2 orbitor.

The New York Times lauded India’s engineering prowess and decades of space development combined with its global ambitions.

Minutes after ISRO chairperson declared that Vikram has lost contact, a silence gripped entire nation. However, India knew that this was not the end and best is yet to India, the 130 crore India congratulated the ISRO scientists. Soon #ProudofISRO started trending in social media.


“Learnings from today will make us stronger and better. There will be a new dawn. When ISRO has its encyclopedia of success, some hurdles cannot put its flight out of trajectory,” PM Narendra Modi said hours after India lost contact with Chandrayaan-2 lander Vikram. India’s Chandrayan 2 Mission is still alive with its moon rover “Pragyan” to complete the rest of 95% of the mission on Lunar surface. India is the only country to succeeding in sending a mission to mars “Mangalyaan” in its first attempt. In 2020, India is planning to send its first manned mission “Gaganyaan” in space. India’s ISRO has had failure as well success. From transporting its Apple satellite in a bullock cart to launching of Chandrayaan 2, ISRO has come a long way. India still hopes for Vikram to rise and start sending signals from the surface of “ChandaMama”.

Pic Courtesy: India Today

Nitesh Singh

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