Chandreshwar Prasad Singh, MLA, Ranchi : Achievements

Chandreshwar Prasad Singh, MLA, Ranchi : Achievements
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C P Singh

Member of Legislative Assembly

Ranchi, Jharkhand

  1. Construction of PCC road in Ward No 5 of his constituency. The road will connect Buti Busty to National Highway.
  2. Beautification of pond system in Ward No 4 of his constituency, Ranchi.
  3. Inauguration of Ankur Play School in Bariyat Road, Ranchi.
  4. Distribution of blankets in the month of February. Blankets were distributed to the needy people in around Ratu Road, Madhukam.
  5. Laid the foundation stone of Marriage hall and Community hall in Gari Khana region under Anabadh Nidhi Program.
  6. Inauguration of pitched work in the Metro Galli region of his constituency.
  7. Conducted a cleanliness drive of the drains behind Jaipal Singh Stadium in Nawatoli Mohall, Ranchi. The drive was conducted on February 19, 2019 and the cleanliness work was undertaken by the Municipal corporation.
  8. Beautification of Bekarbandh Pond in Dhanbad area. Also worked on development of Laser fountain in Birsa Munda Park, Dhanbad.
  9. Inaugurated the Athletic Synthetic Track within Birsa Munda Football stadium, Ranchi.
  10. Inauguration of Public Bycycle sharing System in Morabadi Stadim, Ranchi.
  11. Inaugurated the PCC drain and Bituminus road with Ward No 19, Ranchi.
  12. Laid the foundation stone for pitched road in Netaji Nagar, Kata Toli.
  13. Laid the foundation stone for the construction of kitchen with =in Police Association Guest house. Funds for the construction was provided from the MLA fund.
  14. Started the tree plantation program on July 7 in his constituency, Ranchi.

Source: Twitter Account and Google Search

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