China begins to disengage in some areas, two critical areas remain

News reports suggest that China has began to disengage from atleast 3 areas in Ladakh – Galwan valley, Patrolling Point 15 and the Hot Springs area. India too has reciprocated by moving its troops a little further inside our side of the border. However, there is no troop movement yet in the most contested Pangong Tso. These disengagements started to happen after talks between senior military officials of India and China. As we analysed 4 days ago, China had no option but disengage. Here is why

  1. Sustained Chinese presence will completely wreck Chinese reputation in the Indian market hurting Chinese businesses and investments
  2. Sustained Chinese presence will provoke India to actively carry out intrusions of its own in the future
  3. Sustained Chinese presence will provoke India into actively undermining China in various international forums particularly with respect to Chinese border issues with other countries
  4. Sustained Chinese presence will provoke India into actively collaborating with America and other western countries to undermine China

India is far equipped economically and militarily to hurt China. On the other hand it appears China has desperately allowed Street vendors in the hope of saving its economy. It might as well fix its economy a little quicker by keeping India on its right side instead of treating it as an enemy

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