China is behaving like a rejected lover with India

A detailed study of Government mouthpiece Global Times reveals the China Government is in Panic mode after the blunder in Galwan. The tweets and articles posted by the Global Times follows a clear pattern. The pattern of the articles is like a spurned lover who tried to throw acid and was beaten instead. There are 4 elements of the Chinese media coverage

Don’t fight me ok

After having provoked India for years through intrusions, using Pakistan and then finally this clash in Galwan, the country still wants India to deal with it demurely. See these headlines — Nationalists of India ‘blindly optimistic’ over nation’s military, China will respond firmly if India really wants to fight against the odds, India lifting arms rules at border endangers its own security, It’s the commonly shared attitude between China & India to handle border disputes peacefully

Like a spurned lover, China seems to be telling India, we will do what we want but please don’t do anything in return.

Please don’t stay away from me

The Chinese whose trade with India is not huge are quite nervous for some reason when it comes to trade with India. The headlines are constantly asking India to NOT boycott China. Here are the headlines – Confrontation with China ‘suicide’ for Indian economy, India’s boycott of Chinese products, mobile apps to sour relations, Banning Chinese telecoms firms in India may increase local companies’ costs by 20%: insider, India must not let border scuffle fray economic relations with China, Indian nationalists should stop using ‘boycott Chinese products’ to please themselves

We are fighting because of you

Like a mentally unstable patient who does not recognise his/her own behaviours, the Chinese Government thinks all its border problems are because of its neighbours and not because of China itself. The Global Times attempts to blame India for all the problems at the border. See these headlines – India carrying out its own version of territorial revisionist policy: expert, India retreats from deals with China

Don’t call your friends ok

While India is not running around pleading for help from its allies, the Chinese Government is in panic that India will openly align with America, Japan and Australia. So the Global Times headlines attempt to dissuade India to align with these countries – India knows US won’t help it achieve its goals, India’s betting with Washington and Canberra is a poor move

China’s Communists have proven to be incompetent

When it comes to Governance, the Chinese Government rarely shows wisdom. Many Indian and even westerners think it is the Communist Government that made China a success. The reality is that a country whose ease of business ranking was in the late 90s for a long time was surely not successful because the Communists made it easy to do business. Instead, a combination of distance from lucrative markets, easy availability of crude oil and independent minded Chinese women drove the Chinese economy to the current levels. In fact, if not for the Communist experiments that led to the death of 64 million Chinese, China would have been doing quite well 20 years earlier just like Korea and Taiwan.

China Killings During Cultural Revolution
Pic Source: Li Zhensheng

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