Backstabbing by Chinese Army led to clash in Galwan

It appears that the Chinese Army was attempting to build a structure on India’s side of LAC which led to the clash between troops of both countries

Since the two countries were constantly fighting over what was the Line of Actual Control, it was agreed on the 6th of June that both countries would withdraw some 3 kms from their existing positions. Both countries had completed a large part of the de-escalation until it came down to the Galwan Valley. It is here that the Chinese were found building a structure on India’s side of LAC instead of withdrawing 3kms inside China’s side of LAC

Both Indian and Chinese Army Suffered Losses

While the specifics of what happened after that have been speculated, it is clear that substantial numbers of troops including senior commanders were involved in the clash. Given the no arms rule, soldiers used primitive weapons to kill each other. India has confirmed the loss of 20 soldiers while China is yet to confirm any loss. Global Times Editor confirmed that there were some losses on China’s side but did not confirm the number. Indian agencies have put out 43 as the number while US agencies have told US News that it might be close to 35.

Three Indian Soldiers Killed in Clash with Chinese Troops in ...
Indian and Chinese Army, Old Photo

It is unclear what the Chinese Army was upto as the incident appears to have benefitted no one and if at all increased the resolve of India. If this is part of some bigger game China is playing, we will know more in the next few weeks and months.

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