Chinese Consulate in Houston, US Closed : Chinese burns Documents

Chinese Consulate in Houston : With the ongoing tension between China and USA, China’s Houston Consulate office in USA has been ordered to be closed. China has itself confirmed that USA has ordered the closure of their consulate office in Houston.

Chinese Consulate in Houston

China said that US had abruptly ordered the closure of the office and it strongly condemns the move. It has asked USA to immediately withdraw the orders or be prepared for retaliation. Beijing has termed this move as a “political provocation” and it will further dampen the already dampened relation between the two country.

Since the order of closure, several videos have been surfacing online where the Chinese consulate officers are seen burning the documents.

Firefighters and police were called to the consulate building on reports that documents were being burned in the building’s courtyard. However, as per report they were not allowed to enter the consulate. Meanwhile, the US State Department has said that the decision to close China’s consulate in Houston was taken to protect Americans’ intellectual property and private information.

This move of USA is certain to have repercussion. Since the Coronavirus pandemic broke, the two nation have been in bitter relation. President Trump has repeatedly mentioned Coronavirus and Chinese Virus and accused China of spreading the virus and hiding the truth from the world initially. The two countries are also engaged in military confrontation at South China Sea.

What will be the move of China it is for time to decide but China has certainly triggered the anger of world against itself and should be ready to pay a hefty price for it.

Chinese Consulate in Houston, US Closed : Chinese burns Documents

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