Shocking : Community Transmission Of Coronavirus in India

Community Transmission Of Coronavirus in India : What was denied from the day when number of Coronavirus cases started rising in the country have now come to reality. The Indian Medical Association (IMA) stated that the community spread of the deadly COVID-19 virus has started.

 Dr. V K Monga, who is the Chairman of IMA Hospital Board of India stated that there is an exponential increase in daily number of cases. Everyday the cases are touching 30,000 mark. He said that since the cases now have touched the rural areas, there is a state of community transmission of Coronavirus in India.

The coronavirus cases in the country are exponentially increasing, as every day a new record spike is being witnessed. The second week of July has been reporting the highest number of cases yet. Every second day a new record surge in cases is registered. More than 38,000 cases were registered in the past 24-hours, taking India’s number of reported infections to 10,77,618. The number of deaths yesterday were 545. The total number of deaths is reaching the 27000 mark.

Community Transmission Of Coronavirus in India

What suggests possible Community Transmission of Coronavirus in India?

Initially, the three states of Maharashtra, Delhi and Karnataka were contributing about 60-70% of daily number of cases. But now cases have been rise in the states of Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Kerala indicating that the interiors of India have also been touched now.

One factor that has been encouraging is that the average daily number of tests have increased. On daily basis around more than 3 lakhs sample are being tested. On 18th of July 3,58,127 samples were tested. Till date India has carried around 1,37,91,869 sample tests. At present, 885 government laboratories and 368 private laboratory chains are conducting COVID-19 tests across the country.

Maharashtra still remains the worst affected state in the country followed by Tamil Nadu. In Delhi the transmission have been controlled due to the joint effort of Government of NCT Delhi and the Central government. However, the more concerning factor is rise of new hotspots. Karnataka, Andra Pradesh and Telangana is withering with every passing day.

At present over 6 lakh Coronavirus positive patients have already recovered, which works out to over 63.33% of all positive cases so far. Delhi, Gujarat and Tamil Nadu have recorded high recovery rates. Delhi’s recovery rate stands at 82.3% while for Gujarat and Tamil Nadu recovery rates stands at 70.6% and 68.7% respectively. In contrast, Karnataka and Maharashtra score low, at 38.4% and 55.6%.

The coronavirus situation in the country has become a matter of concern. Yesterday was the day when highest single day increase was recorded. However, the record for highest single day increase is being created every second day. With reports of community transmission, the situation is expected to worsen in coming days. The ignorance of people and also the ignorance of some state governments has put lives of millions at risk. Vaccine development is still in process. However, with some positive news about vaccine coming we hope that sooner India and world will be free from the grip of one single enemy, Coronavirus.

The Government of India still remains in denial about the possible community transmission in country. As for people, it is high time that the people adhere to the government issued guidelines. Maintaining social distancing, wearing masks and gloves are the basic necessities people so easily forget to follow. With the onset of the monsoon season, increased health issues and infection plus the coronavirus situation will most likely burn out the healthcare system, so it is of even more importance to take care of ourselves and follow the guidelines.

Shocking : Community Transmission Of Coronavirus in India

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