Controversy! PM Modi Talks of Bihari pride though most Martyrs not from Bihar

PM Modi spoke about Bihari pride as it was the Bihar regiment that fought off the Chinese and lost 20 soldiers in the process. But there is a catch!

The only catch is that 15 of the 20 soldiers were not from Bihar. The soldiers who lost their lives came from East, North and South, a truly national regiment.

  1. Bihar – 5
  2. Punjab – 4
  3. Jharkhand – 2
  4. Odisha -2
  5. Bengal -1
  6. Uttar Pradesh -1
  7. Telangana – 1
  8. TN -1
  9. MP -1
  10. Chhattisgarh -1
  11. Himachal -1

The PM was accused of canvassing for votes in the forthcoming Assembly election in Bihar by specifically talking about BIhari Pride. Usually State pride is spoken off while talking about Individual soldiers. So, it would not have been out of place if the PM was travelling to Bihar and was commending the bravery of the 5 martyrs from Bihar.By talking about State pride because of the name of the regiment, PM was accused of canvassing for votes from Bihar given the upcoming election there.

RW twitter handles quickly defended the PM

Bihar responds very differently to conflicts with Pakistan vs conflicts with China. Google Trend data shows Bihar is one of the highest States when it comes to looking for information about Pakistan but not so when it comes to information about China.

The Latest CrowdWisdom360 predictions are suggesting that NDA will end up with around 125 Seats. A simple majority. Our district level analysis shows that BJP could end up with about 43% vote share across the state, just enough to win a majority.

In the meanwhile the martyred soldiers were laid to rest with full military honours

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