Telugu States in Danger: Corona Cases Surge

The Telugu States of Andhra and Telangana are beginning to struggle against Corona.

The Telugu States Corona Case Statistics

  • The two States together have 26000 cases and would have been the 5th highest number of Cases in the country after Gujarat
  • Telangana is 4th highest in the country when it comes to Active Cases and Andhra Pradesh is 5th highest.
  • Andhra doubled its cases in less than 2 weeks with the Crop rich districts of Krishna, East Godavari and West Godavari making up a lot of the new cases. Paddy Transplantation has just began
  • Telangana which had the worst testing transparency doubled its cases in just one week with hyderabad making up for 70% of the cases. After rushing in to work after Unlock-1, the city is backing off now.

In case of Andhra, the medical infrastructure is better (ranked second after Kerala) and part of the reason why there is a surge of cases is because as unlock-1 happened, people in Andhra Pradesh were most likely to return to work. However, the latest data from Google says that people have withdrawn again after seeing a surge of cases.

Telangana has the disadvantage of a huge metro and ordinary healthcare system, non-transparent government and much older population placing the State in a big risk situation. The main issue for Telangana remains Hyderabad and the sooner they learn from Indore, Mumbai and Ahmedabad, the faster the recovery.

Telugu States in trouble

Between the two Telugu States, Andhra is better prepared than Telangana

  1. Metro City: The biggest city in Andhra is Vizag which has less than half the population of Hyderabad. Hyderabad is very dense making transmission much more easier than Vizag. Vizag has had 500 cases till date, Hyderabad has had 10000 cases.
  2. Testing: Telangana has carried out about 84000 tests, this is not reliable, could be higher as the State is not transparent about it. Andhra Pradesh has carried out more than 8.4 lakh tests.
  3. Andhra Healthcare is better than Telangana: It might surprise people but according to Niti Aayog, Andhra is rated ahead of Telangana when it comes to healthcare. Andhra has an Index of 76 ranked second behind Kerala and far ahead of Telangana which is at 66
  4. Slums and Poverty: Unlike Andhra, Telangana has poor people living in high density locations. Hyderabad has India’s second largest slum population and is a high density city making spreading of COVID easy.
  5. Relaxations: Unlike other States, Telangana started to relax from May 16th opening Auto showrooms and AC stores. Andhra started to relax only after 27th of May. Unfortunately the healthcare system of Telangana has not prepared itself well with adequate and proactive testing

In the last one week, the two states have together added 10000 cases and this is increasing at a rapid pace. Before we know, both States will be hitting TN levels. It is danger time in the Telugu States now.

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