Corona Cases spike despite lower testing

Corona numbers are increasing at a faster pace than before. Two days in a row, the numbers have increased by more than 13000. Between 11th and 14th, India carried out 5.97 lakh tests and found 45885 cases. Between 15th and 18th, India carried out 5.9 lakh tests and found 48052 cases. Here is how cases have increased between 11th June and 18th June

18th June – 13826

17th June -13108

16th June -11086

15th June -10032

14th June -11405

13th June -12039

As one can see there is a 15% jump in per day case rate, quite large compared to the last two months.

Which States are struggling?

  1. Maharashtra which has added 7815 active cases in the last 8 days
  2. Delhi which has added 7088
  3. Tamil Nadu which has added 5886
  4. UP which has added 1341
  5. Andhra Pradesh which has added 1300
  6. Haryana has added 1189

All these States must be worried as the pace of growth has increased from before. Yesterday for example, these 6 States added 10185 out of the 13800 cases. TN is likely to bring things into control after launching an Intense Lockdown from today till the end of the month.

It needs to be seen if these numbers stabilise by the end of the month at about 16000.

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