From Corona to China: AMUL winning Hearts Always

From Corona to China: AMUL winning Hearts Always
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Since 1966, Amul’s cheerful little moppet has been winning hearts of every Indian. Amul has been able to express every emotion through its most loved mascot. In the middle of the Corona Crisis, the little girl wearing red-polka dotted dress was expressing important and relevant commentary while also sticking to the brand promise.

Recently Prime Minister Modi gave a call for “AtmaNirbharBharat” or self-reliant India. Amul was quick to react on it. This is how Amul expressed itself


Coronavirus scare did not spare the little Amul girl. Wash hand, maintain social distancing which is a must to keep ourselves safe from COVID19 infection, the little Amul Girl was seen following the norms too.

amul corona

In March, when Junta Curfew was announced by PM Modi, Amul girl was seen following PM Modi’s call. She was part of everyone who stood in their balcony beating thalis and clapping, thanking the Corona warriors.

amul thaali

The Little girl, wore a mask and expressed her gratitude to the health workers. Here is she in mask with a team of Doctors.

Thanking Dr

When boycott of Chinese goods took the centerstage recently, the little Amul girl proved that she was truly Indian. She was seen standing close to border with China wearing Army dress and telling China that Amul belongs to India.

China am

The most recent take of Amul was on India-China stand-off at LAC. However, twitter restricted the Amul’s twitter account after this ad and then restored it. Since then a new boycott started trending on twitter “Block China Ad”.

amul china

What many might have failed to say, Amul have always expressed it through their topical ads. To sum up, Amul has Always been Utterly Butterly Indian.

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