Corona Treatment in India : India has one of the lowest Deaths Per Million

Corona Treatment in India : India with a population of 130 crore has the lowest cases per million in the world. In India, cases per million stands at 505.37, which is considerably lower than the global average of 1453.25 cases per million population. At present India is at number 3 spot in the world’s worst hit countries by coronavirus. Along with cases India has one of the world’s lowest fatalities per million population.

India is on the third spot, just behind the United States and Brazil, but despite such high number of reported cases, India is nowhere near their number of cases per million population. In the United States, for every million people, there are 8560.5 cases, and in Brazil, there are 7419.1 cases per million. India’s numbers are even lower than Spain’s 5358.7 cases per million, the country which is down lower in the worst affected list.

The country with the highest number of cases per million population are Chile and Peru. In Chile the number of infection cases per million stands at 15459.8, and in Peru, it is 9070.8.

Not only does India have one of the lowest per million cases in the world, but the death rate per million is also significantly lower than other countries. In India, there are 14.7 deaths due to coronavirus per million population, which is much lower than the global average of 68.29, which is almost quadruple.

Corona Treatment in India

A list of deaths per million population of a few Countries:

Spain : 607.1

United States of America : 391

Italy : 576.6

France : 456.7

United Kingdom : 651.4   

The ” Corona Treatment in India ” is marked by its rate of recovery. Recovery rate in India at present stands at 61%. The impressive recovery rate of the country can be due to this level of preparedness the country showed. Around 4,39,947 people have been cured of the coronavirus in the country.

Reasons for Less Number of Coronavirus related deaths in India are :

  1. Average Age in India is much lower as compared to rest of the countries with higher death rates.
  2.  Most population lives in rural India, so infection rates are lower
  3. Longish lockdown enabled India to build treatment capacity
  4. There is a possibility that immunity of Indians is higher as compared to the ones where death rate is higher due to Coronavirus

India has created a robust network of Coronavirus treatment centre. At present there are over 1200 COVID dedicated hospitals in India. There are over 2600 dedicated healthcare centers and over 9000 COVID Care centers spread across the country. Respective state government are taking necessary steps to provide better Corona treatment to the infected ones and also making arrangements to have a look over the ones who have been home quarantined.

In India the number of tests have increased , as now the tests conducted per day nears over 2.5 lakhs.

India has been conducting around 7400 tests per million, however, the number of tests may not be sufficient considering the 1.3 billion population along with the extremely high population density of India. Till date India has conducted a little over 10 million tests which stands to be low in comparison to other countries with much lesser population.

Number of tests conducted by other countries per million population-

USA 38 million

CHINA 90 million

RUSSIA 21 million

In India, these states account for the maximum number of tests conducted per million population.  Total number of tests conducted in these states are-

Tamil Nadu – 1376497

Maharashtra- 1135447

Andhra Pradesh- 1033852

Rajasthan- 920600

Uttar Pradesh- 890026

In the Unites States, around 115449 tests are conducted per million population. India, with a significantly lesser amount of testing is just two spots away from the United States, which has reported the maximum number of infections in the whole world.

This rate is not just surprising, but alarming.

India began their testing from March, and it took months for the country to increase the number of tests to 2.6 lakh per day. Instead of celebrating India’s lower number of coronavirus cases per million population, the country should be alarmed that despite such low rates of testing, it took over other big countries with high population to be the third most affected country by coronavirus in the World.

Corona Treatment in India : India has one of the lowest Deaths Per Million

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