Coronavirus : 1 Patient Infects 116 others in Andhra Pradesh

A 53-year old super-spreader from near Kakinada has been making headlines for turning the area into a red zone after spreading the virus and further infecting 116 others. The Gollala Mamidada village is the first village in the country to have crossed the 116 cases mark. The entire population of the village is believed to be around 20,000. Many people in the neighboring mandals too have reportedly caught the virus from the man.

The man was admitted to the Government General hospital, and died shortly after suffering from complications that arose from the virus. He was asymptomatic for long, which lead to the mass spreading of the virus in the village. The man worked at a hotel and was a photographer. Reports suggest that the man contracted the virus while covering an event at Ramachandrapuram. He also directly or indirectly spread the virus to 150 people approximately, in the Pedapudi mandal and the neighboring mandals too.

Officials are gathering information regarding the origin of the virus in the deceased man. His son, who also tested positive for the coronavirus threw a party for his friends at a bakery prior to testing positive. It is yet to be determined who had the virus and from whom.

The district officials of the Gollala Mamidada Village have set up a control room as the area was declared as a red zone. East Godavari has now reached a count of 300 cases, and the man alone spread the virus to almost 50% of the infected people.

The collector in a statement said that tests are being conducted in the district. This is one of the biggest transmission recorded in India.