Shocking : Coronavirus cases in India – Nearly 70,000 cases reported in last 24 hours

Coronavirus cases in India : The daily number of positive coronavirus cases is increasing significantly. In the last 24 hours, India has reported nearly 70,000 cases.

More than 9 lakh tests were conducted yesterday, and 69,652 tested positive for the virus. This is the highest number of tests to be conducted in a day. Per million, around 23,000 samples have been tested till date. More than 3.2 crore tests have been conducted in the country till date. India’s caseload is about to cross the 3-million mark, as the cases have reached 2.8 million.

Nearly a thousand deaths due to the virus were also reported yesterday. With 977 virus related deaths reported in the last one day, the total number of deaths in the country have reached 53,866. Despite this huge surge, the positivity rate has gone down, and is below 8% now.

The number of recoveries has crossed the 2 million mark, which has upped the recovery rate of the country to 73%. The number of active cases stands around 6.86 lakhs.

The states which saw a major spike in the number of coronavirus cases are, Maharashtra (9011 cases), Andhra Pradesh (8065), Karnataka (7201), Tamil Nadu (6384), Uttar Pradesh (5620). These states are the worst affected due to the pandemic in India.

Coronavirus cases in India : The states with the highest number of active cases

Maharashtra- 1,60,728 active cases

Andhra Pradesh- 86,725 active cases

Karnataka- 81,113 active cases

Tamil Nadu- 53,155 active cases

According to a recent study, almost one in four Indians has been exposed to the coronavirus, and has antibodies. If the study is credible, then this could be a good thing as the development of herd immunity in the country can further help lower the positivity rate. However, it is a long road ahead to achieve that.

The mortality rate which was 2.2%, is now down to 1.9%. Higher recovery rates and lower mortality rate can indicate us reaching different levels of the pandemic. There also needs to be a fall in the positivity rate, and cases per day to indicate that the country is out of the woods, and is on the road to recovery.

Coronavirus cases in India : What is happening globally?

World-wide there are around 2.2 crore coronavirus cases, and more than 7.8 lakh people have died due to the virus. The United States has retained its position as the worst hit coronavirus country in the world. The country has over 5.5 million coronavirus cases, and 173k deaths.

There has been a rise in coronavirus cases in New Zealand, which was a while ago free from the clutches of the virus. New Zealand has been reporting just a little over 10 cases per day, and the situation seems to be under control by PM Jacinda Arden.

In European countries such as Germany, France, and Spain, a resurgence of the virus has been witnessed in the recent past. European countries are again implementing restrictions to avoid another deadly outbreak.

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