Shocking : Daily Coronavirus Cases in India Crosses 50,000 Mark

Coronavirus Cases in India : The rising cases of Coronavirus triggers a fear alarm when the country enters 3rd phase of Unlocking with more relaxation. July has witnessed the biggest spike in the number of coronavirus cases. Two months into the unlocking phase, and we’re nearing the two million mark. While not all states are dire and abject due to the havoc wrecking virus, many southern Indian like Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, and other states such as Maharashtra have contributed the maximum number of cases.

India has 16,38,871 reported cases till date. In the last 24-hours as many 55,079 coronavirus cases in India have been reported. The number of active cases in the country is now 5,49,318. The number of recoveries has crossed the one million mark, and is at 10,57,805. 33,747 people have died due to the virus in the country.

The fatality rate of India due to coronavirus is 2.18%.

The sudden rise in the number of coronavirus cases can be attributed to the fact that the number of samples being tested per day have significantly increased. In the past 24-hours, i.e. on Thursday, as many as 6,42,588 samples were tested in the country. In totality, around 1,88,32,970 tests have been conducted in the country.

The states with the highest number of cases are- Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Delhi, Andhra Pradesh, and Karnataka.

Bihar, West Bengal, Karnataka, and Andhra Pradesh have seen a major spike in their average growth rate. While metropolitan cities like Mumbai and Delhi are on their road to recovery, these above-mentioned states have emerged as potential hotspots.

 On 28th July, Delhi reported just over 600 cases, the lowest in the capital in a long time. Mumbai too reported lesser than 1000 cases. A sudden dip in the average growth rate indicates that the cities are on their road to recovery.

States which had the highest growth rate this week are-

Andhra Pradesh- 8.8%

Karnataka- 5.5%

Bihar- 6.2%

These states also have a very high positivity rate. While the positivity rate of Maharashtra is the highest, at 21%, it is followed by Karnataka (18%), Bihar (16%), West Bengal (15%), and Andhra Pradesh (14%). 

In Andhra Pradesh, the cases are spiraling. There are over 1,30,557 cases in the state. The recovery rate is lower than the active case ratio, which is 53%.

The cases have been drastically increasing there. However, the case fatality ratio is merely 1% in the state, which is a gleam of hope.

Precisely Bengaluru and Pune are the new Delhi and Mumbai of India. Bengaluru has reported more than 45% of the total cases in Karnataka. The government is planning on testing more cases in the city to help identify the infected and treat them before this leads to community transmission.

Pune has seen a major spike in the number of cases. Pune reported around 3658 positive cases yesterday. The total number of cases in Pune district are nearing the one-lakh mark.

Another state which has been seeing a major spike remains to be Bihar. The state has conducted a bare minimum number of tests, and the tests per million is also just over 4000. With a population of nearly 10 crore, the state is way behind in terms of testing.

With rising daily number of cases and increasing relaxation, the number of cases may increase in coming day. However, with increasing number of tests, we may see a peak soon and therefore a decline in number of case.

Shocking : Daily Coronavirus Cases in India Crosses 50,000 Mark

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