Good News : Coronavirus Cases in India Decline for Consecutive 2 Days

Coronavirus Cases in India : The coronavirus cases in India have now crossed 31 lakh mark. With every passing of two days, 1 lakh new cases are added to India’s coronavirus tally. Till date India has reported 31,67,495 confirmed cases. However, in last two day there has been decline in daily number of cases. On Saturday, India added around 70,000 positive cases of Coronavirus but on Sunday and Monday the daily number of cases declined.

On Sunday, a total of 61,408 cases were reported, a drop of almost 9000 cases in a day. On Monday, 60,975 cases were reported, not a big drop as compared to number of cases reported on Sunday but when country is battling to free itself from the clutches of virus, even a daily decrease of 100 cases will make a difference.

Coronavirus Cases in India

Coronavirus Cases in India : Maharashtra still retains the top Spot

India has increased the daily number of Coronavirus sample tests. As of now India has conducted 3,68,27,520 coronavirus sample test. India is testing almost a million samples in a day. On Monday a total of 9,25,383 sample tests were conducted. Uttar Pradesh has conducted the most number of tests till date followed by Tamil Nadu and Maharashtra.

Maharashtra still leads in reporting the most number of cases in country. With 5,676 cases per million population of state, Maharashtra has reported around 7 lakh cases till date. The state has conducted 36,67,937 sample tests as of now.

Next to Maharashtra is Tamil Nadu where the cases has started declining. Till date Tamil Nadu has reported 3,85,352 cases and state has conducted
42,76,640 sample tests which is almost 6 lakh test more than Maharashtra.

Uttar Pradesh, the state with 22,49,79,000 population has conducted the most number of tests in the country. Till date Uttar Pradesh has conducted 46,74,620 sample tests and with just 855 cases per million population, the state has reported 1,92,382 cases. The state at present has less than 50,000 active cases.

India is world’s third most affected country due coronavirus. However, the recovery rate in India is very high. At present the Coronavirus recovery rate in India is almost 76% and the fatality rate is less than 2% that is 1.86%. Gradually the country is opening its economy but at the same time trying to make sure the virus is brought under control. If the trend of daily decrease in number of cases continues then India may be able to flatten its Coronavirus Curve.

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