Coronavirus Cases in Maharashtra Crosses 1 Million Mark

Coronavirus Cases in Maharashtra : Maharashtra has been under the complete dominance of Coronavirus since the virus started spreading in India. The daily number of case load in state has always been more than any other state in India. On Friday, Maharashtra became the only state in India to register a total of 10,00,000 Corona virus positive cases.

In comparison to the world total, Maharashtra alone accounts for 5th highest number of cases reported by any country. It is in fact the only state in India with active cases in 6 digits that is 2,71,566.

On Friday over 24,000 new COVID-19 cases were reported in Maharashtra. The highest 2,367 cases were recorded in Pune city, followed by 2,191 cases in Mumbai. Pune alone has till date reported 2,23,710 cases followed by Mumbai which has reported 1,65,306. Thane is the third district in Maharashtra to have recorded over 100K cases. Thane has reported 1,52,934 cases till date.

Coronavirus Cases in Maharashtra : Tests Conducted in State

Despite having such a huge case load, Maharashtra is failing to conduct more number of tests. Till date Maharashtra has conducted 50.7L tests and the test positivity ratio is 20%. Uttar Pradesh and Bihar, the states conducting 1.5 lakh tests in a day have 4.1% and 3.3% test positivit ratio.

Nashik which has reported 52,049 cases till date has the highest test positivity ratio in the state. The test positivity ratio of Nashik is 29% followed by Pune (24.8%) and Mumbai (24.4%).

Coronavirus Cases in Maharashtra

Coronavirus Cases in Maharashtra : Who is to be blamed?

Maharashtra had imposed the lockdown before it was imposed throughout the country. But there has been utter ignorance in following the lockdown measures throughout the state. However, there has been failure of government machinery which lead to such a mayhem in state.

The priorities of the state has shifted from fight against Coronavirus to fight against some media personality and Bollywood actress.

The common citizen of the state are suffering with no sign of hope of virus retreating from state and India as a whole. With near about 100K daily number of cases, India in reporting the highest number of daily Corona virus cases in the world with Maharashtra being the major contributor.

However, there is a hope, a hope that a vaccine will be developed and the fight against the virus will be over and life returning to normality.

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