Coronavirus Deaths Worldwide crosses 7,74,000 Mark: More Males Die in India than Females

Coronavirus Deaths Worldwide : The global death count due to coronavirus, as assessed by data collection from 214 countries, has crossed 774k, and the number is increasing by a heavy percentage every day. Albeit there are countries which have been performing relatively better than others, the global death count isn’t declining. Most of these deaths have been reported by countries such as the USA, Brazil and India. The virus has infected more than 2,18,81,858 people till date, and many have succumbed to the disease.

Gatherings, enclosed spaces, high exposure, and close contact with Coronavirus positive people result in higher spread of infections. Hence, it is important to wash hands, disinfect surfaces, maintain social distancing, and wear a mask outside.

Coronavirus Deaths Worldwide : Here are the COVID-19 death demographics

 Demographics of Coronavirus deaths are as follows-

Coronavirus Deaths Worldwide : USA


Age wise death percentage

0-4 years                                                                           < 0.1%
5-17 years                                                                         <0.1%
18-29 years                                                                         0.5%
30-39 years                                                                         1.3%
40-49 years                                                                         3.2%
50-64 years                                                                         15.7%
65-74 years                                                                        21.1%
75-84 years                                                                        26.3%
85+ years                                                                            31.8%

Gender wise death percentage


Coronavirus Deaths Worldwide : ENGLAND


Gender wise death percentage


Coronavirus Deaths Worldwide : ITALY


Age wise death percentage


Gender wise death percentage


Coronavirus Deaths Worldwide : INDIA


Gender wise death percentage


Age wise death percentage

>14 years1%
15-29 years3%
30-44 years11%
45-59 years32%
60-74 years39%
Above 74 years14%

Countries which have reported the most deaths are-

  • USA (170k+ deaths)
  • Brazil (107k+ deaths)
  • Mexico (56k+ deaths)
  • India (50K+ deaths)
  • United Kingdom (41k+ deaths)

Highest deaths per 100,000 population are from the following countries-  

  • Peru- 82
  • United Kingdom- 62
  • Spain- 61
  • Italy- 59
  • Chile- 56
  • United States- 52
  • Brazil- 52

The countries where the death count is doubling at the quickest pace are-

  • Gambia- 6 days
  • Vietnam- 8 days
  • Namibia- 8 days
  • Uganda- 8 days
  • Paraguay- 9 days

In India, more than 43% of the deaths due to the coronavirus are without the presence of any comorbidity. The people who are encapsulated between this 43% are of the age bracket from 30 to 60 years. This can be due to lack of nutrition and adequate living conditions which leads to a compromised immune system, and ultimately death due to a virus attack in the body.

In countries such as the United States, coronavirus infected people with comorbidity are 12 times more likely to die of the virus.

From the above data analysis it can be concluded that Men, people with comorbidities (Hypertension, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases), and a compromised immune system are more likely to die due to the virus than other who do not belong to this category.

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