Coronavirus Disaster : 15413 Cases in Last 24 hours in India

Coronavirus Disaster : There is no sign of relief from Coronavirus in India. Around 15.5k positive coronavirus cases, and 423 deaths were reported on Sunday. The maximum number of cases were reported by Maharashtra. With over 1.32 lakh cases the Indian state already has more coronavirus cases than countries like Canada, China, Bangladesh and many more. The state reported around 3.8k cases yesterday/

The country’s total stands at 4.25 Lakh cases. The number of recovered cases at 2,37,195 stands higher than the total number of active cases in the country.

The top ttwo contributors to the Coronavirus Disaster in the country remain to be Delhi and Maharashtra. Delhi has bolstered its effort in containing further spread of the virus. the number of tests per day have also increased in the state. The high population density of Delhi and surrounding urban cities is a major matter of concern, hence it requires special attention. There are around 261 containment zones in Delhi, and the government will now focus on proper surveying and tracing in these areas.

Delhi Health Minister Satyendar Jain who was shifted to a private hospital for plasma therapy, is now responding well and has shown improvement. Plasma therapy helped the health minister significantly and might be shifted to a general ward soon. Satyendar Jain was suffering from high grade fever and difficulty in breathing. After getting plasma therapy his fever has reduced and his oxygen levels are also improving. Plasma Therapy is an effective measure to treat critical patients.

Goa witnessed its first coronavirus death, an 85 year old woman died on Sunday.

Tamil Nadu too has been percolating its efforts and have increased their testing significantly. The state has imposed Intense lockdown in many districts, including Chennai. Despite the high number of tests conducted, many have expressed their concern over Tamil Nadu’s testing strategy. The areas where the number of cases is lower, have had more tests than the areas where the number of cases reported is much higher cases. Top five districts with higher COVID19 cases in Tamil Nadu are:

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Till date India managed to test 69,50,493 samples. As of 21st June Tamil Nadu has tested 8,92,612 samples which is the highest in the country. Next to Tamil Nadu is Maharashtra which has tested 7,75,958 samples, however, Maharashtra has recorded over 1,32,000 cases which is more than double the cases reported in Tamil Nadu.

In Delhi after the tests have been ramped up 3,70,014 samples have been tested so for and total of 59,746 Coronavirus positive cases have been reported so far. Coronavirus disaster in nation is visible, even after 5 phases of lockdown there has been no sign of flattening the curve. Now when the Unlocking of country started, cases have increased exponentially. During the Unlock 1.0 which began on June 1st, 2,34,747 cases have been added with addition of 8,305 death.

World-wide the number of coronavirus cases is nearing the 9 million mark. New Zealand which had for a while successfully defeated coronavirus, has been reporting a few cases every day. UK will also be easing their lockdown restriction and their PM will address the nation on Tuesday, where more information regarding their lockdown and new rules or relaxations will be given.

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