Coronavirus in India : Assam vs Delhi- Which State is Performing Better?

Coronavirus in India : Assam, a small state in north-east India has been fighting two wars at the same. One against Coronavirus and other against the flood as most of the Assam is flooded as of now. However, the state is way more successful in handling the virus than most of the states of India. We will compare the fight of Assam against Coronavirus with that of fight of Delhi against Coronavirus with respect to different parameters.

DELHI VS ASSAM: Cases Per Million

As per the official COVID-19 website of Government of India, the population of Delhi stands at 1,98,14,000. Till date Delhi has reported 1,32,275 Coronavirus cases. Delhi has an extremely high case per million count, probably one of the highest in the Country, at 6679. For every million population in Delhi, 6679 have been tested positive for the virus. This is extremely high in comparison with India’s Cases per million count, which is 1151.8.

Assam has around 3,42,93,000 population. Assam’s case per million count is lesser than Delhi’s, and is 1019. This is even lesser than India’s case per million count. The total cases reported in Assam as 34,948 cases.

DELHI VS ASSAM: Tests per million

Assam has not conducted as many tests as Delhi. However, it has conducted more number of tests than many states of India.

In Assam, 8,02,674 samples have been tested till date. Though the number might not seem too far away from Delhi’s total tests, it does fall short in terms of population. For every million in the state, as many as 23,406.4 have been tested for the virus.

Delhi has conducted 9,76,827 tests in the capital. This means that per every million population, as many as 49299.8 were tested. This is one of the highest in the country. This aggressive testing is what led Delhi to the path of recovery.

DELHI VS ASSAM: Active cases

Delhi’s active case percentage is very less in comparison with other states. Only 8.2% cases are active in the capital. 10,887 people are still undergoing treatment for the virus. As many as 1,17,507 have been cured in the capital.

Assam’s road to recovery is a little distant, as more than 23 % cases are still active in the state. 8238 people are still undergoing treatment, and 26619 have been cured.

DELHI VS ASSAM: Mortality Rate

In Assam the mortality rate stands merely at 0.3%. 88 people have lost their lives due to the virus in the north Eastern state. The fatality rate isn’t high in the state, which acts as a glimmer of hope for recovery in the state.

Delhi’s fatality rate is a bit higher than that of Assam. It is just 0.1% short of 3%, and is 2.9%.

As many as 3881 people have died due to the virus in the capital. There is a huge difference between the fatality rate of the two states.

Coronavirus in India : DELHI VS ASSAM: Growth rate

Delhi might be on the third position right now, but with the current growth trend of Delhi and other states in India, that will change soon. Delhi has witnessed a sharp decline in the number of coronavirus cases. Once as high as 7%, the growth rate of coronavirus cases in Delhi is just 0.7%.

Assam on the other hand has witnessed a spike in the number of cases. This week’s growth rate in Assam was 3.7%, which is 3% higher than that of Delhi.

It is hoped that Assam’s growth rate comes down just like Delhi’s. India as a whole has witnessed a major spike in the number of cases, as they reach 1.4 million. It is hoped that the new stringent testing approach tosses out the virus from the country.

Coronavirus in India : Assam vs Delhi- Which State is Performing Better?

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