Coronavirus in India : Maharashtra vs Tamil Nadu – Which state is Performing Better?

Coronavirus in India : Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu are the two worst hit coronavirus states in India. India has crossed the 13,00,000 mark in number of cases and has also registered more than 30,000 deaths in the country. India with 30,000 deaths now has the sixth most Covid-19 related deaths in the world. Both Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu have reported the maximum number of cases in the country. However, it is important to compare which state is performing better among the two worst states.

Maharashtra Vs Tamil Nadu: Cases Per Million

Maharashtra has till date reported 3,57,117 Coronavirus positive cases. The state has a population of over 11.42 crores. Every single day, more than 9000 cases are being reported in Maharashtra. In the state, for every million people, around 2,924 have tested positive for the virus. This is much higher than India’s per million case count, which is 1003.9. Maharashtra has the maximum number of cases in the country.

Second to Maharashtra is Tamil Nadu. The state has registered the second most coronavirus cases in India. The state is about to breach the 2-lakh mark soon. Tamil Nadu too has one of the highest cases per million count, only second to Maharashtra. Tamil Nadu has 2,638.87 cases per million which is however less than Maharashtra’s count.

Coronavirus in India : Maharashtra Vs Tamil Nadu: Active Cases

Maharashtra has a high number of active cases in the country. The state has a whopping number of active cases in the state, which is 1,43,714. The most active cases in Maharashtra are from Mumbai, Thane and Pune. Around 40.24% cases in Maharashtra are active as of now.

Tamil Nadu with nearly 2 lakh cases has around 53,132 active cases in the state. Tamil Nadu’s active case percentage is half of that of Maharashtra’s. Tamil Nadu has 26.6% active cases. Most of the active cases are from Chennai, Madurai, and Thiruvallur.

Maharashtra Vs Tamil Nadu: Mortality Rate

In Maharashtra, as many as 13,132 people have died of the virus. The mortality rate is as high as 3.68% in the state. The districts which have contributed the most include Mumbai, Thane, Pune and Aurangabad.

In Tamil Nadu, 3,320 people have died of the virus. Despite just being one spot down from Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu has a significantly lesser number of deaths related to the virus. The mortality rate in Tamil Nadu is also half of Maharashtra’s, and is 1.66%. Chennai and Madurai have reported the maximum number of deaths.

Maharashtra Vs Tamil Nadu: Average Growth Rate

Average growth rate is taken as the growth of cases in last one week that is from 18th July to 25th July. 

Maharashtra has been reporting a huge surge in the number of cases lately. The state has been reporting nearly 10000 cases every day. The average daily growth rate the past week has been 3%.

Tamil Nadu too has had the same average daily growth rate of 3% this past week. Tamil Nadu has been reporting nearly 7000 cases every day.

Maharashtra Vs Tamil Nadu: Tests Per Million

Maharashtra, with a population of over 11 crores has till date conducted more than 17,90,610 tests in the state. For every million people residing in Maharashtra, 14,659 have been tested for the virus.

Tamil Nadu has been reporting high number of cases and is second most affected state in country due to coronavirus. However, Tamil Nadu has conducted the most number of sample tests in the country. The state has tested over 22,23,019 people as of now. The number of tests per million in Tamil Nadu are double that of Maharashtra, at 29,368 which is again more than that of Maharashtra.

Maharashtra has double the cases than Tamil Nadu, double the mortality rate as well. Also Tamil Nadu is way ahead of Maharashtra in terms of conducting tests per million. However, what is matter of concern is that both the states have been reporting maximum number of cases in the country. There has been not a single day when the number of cases in these two states declined. Even after imposing continuous lockdowns there is no sign of cases declining in both the states.

Coronavirus in India : Maharashtra vs Tamil Nadu – Which state is Performing Better?

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