Coronavirus in India : Telangana vs Andhra Pradesh – which state is performing better?

Coronavirus in India : Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, the two neighbouring states are suffering due to Coronavirus, recently. Andhra Pradesh has recently breached the One lakh Coronavirus cases mark. Telangana is relatively behind Kerala, Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu but the new growth streak in the number of cases is extremely worrisome. The cases in Telangana are nearing the 60,000 mark.

We try to analyse which state among Andhra Pradesh and Telangana is performing better in terms of dealing with Coronavirus pandemic.

Andhra Pradesh Vs Telangana: Cases per million

As per the official COVID-19 website of Government of India, Telangana has population of 3,72,20,000. At present Telangana has 57,142 positive coronavirus cases. For every million people in Telangana, 1535 are coronavirus positive. This is slightly higher than India’s cases per million count, which is 1113.

Andhra Pradesh on the other hand has 5,22,21,000 population. The state has higher cases per million count as compared to Telangana. A total of 1.02 lakh people have been infected with the virus in the state. For every million people in the state, as many as 1960 are infected. Andhra Pradesh’s case per million count is one of the highest in the country.

Coronavirus in India : Andhra Pradesh Vs Telangana: Active Cases

Out of the 1,02,349 cases reported in Andhra Pradesh, almost more than half of those are active. 50.51% of total cases, which amounts to 51,701 cases, in the state are active as of now in Andhra Pradesh.

However, Telangana is faring a lot better than Andhra Pradesh in this parameter, as only 24.07% cases, which amounts to 13,753 of them in the state are active. The recovery rate in Telangana is therefore, much higher than Andhra Pradesh.

Recovery rate in Andhra Pradesh is merely 48.42%. while in Telangana, the recovery rate is as high as 75.09%.

Andhra Pradesh Vs Telangana: Mortality Rate

There is a big difference in the number of deaths due to the virus in the two states.

In Telangana. 480 people have lost their lives due to the virus. The mortality rate is 0.84%, which is relatively better than many Indian states.

In Andhra Pradesh, 1,090 people have lost their lives due to the virus. The mortality rate in the state is 1.06%. which isn’t too high considering the greater amount of Cases the state has in comparison with Telangana.

Andhra Pradesh Vs Telangana: Average Growth Rate

The average weekly growth in the number of cases in Andhra Pradesh is significantly greater in number and is one of the highest ones in the country. This week the cases in the state grew by 10.64%. Nearly 6000 cases are being reported in the state each day. Just a few weeks ago, till 23rd June, Andhra Pradesh had just 9.8K cases. Few weeks into July and the cases sky rocketed and now are above one lakh. In Telangana the cases this week grew by 2.83%. This is much lower in comparison with AP.

Andhra Pradesh Vs Telangana: Tests Per Million

Andhra Pradesh has conducted far many tests than Telangana. This could also explain the difference between the number of cases in the two states. It might be possible that many of the cases in Telangana are going unreported.

In Andhra Pradesh, 16,86,446 tests have been conducted so far. The tests per million cases in the state are significantly greater than many other Indian states. The state has conducted 32,294.4 tests per million population.

Telangana on the other hand has just conducted 3,63,242 tests, which is just 9759 tests per million population.

Southern states of India have gradually turned into COVID-19 hotspot. Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana and Kerala are all now reporting higher number of cases. Andhra Pradesh yesterday crossed 1 lakh mark in total number of COVID-19 cases reported till date. Telangana is nearing 60,000 mark. While there is a difference in the population of the states, the number of tests conducted by Telangana are significantly lesser. This might be the reason why Telangana is ahead of Andhra Pradesh in most of the parameters.

Coronavirus in India : Telangana vs Andhra Pradesh – which state is performing better?

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