Coronavirus in India : The Fall of South Indian States

Coronavirus in India : India has reported around 7,20,000 Coronavirus cases till date which is 8 times more than the official cases reported by China where Coronavirus originated. Since the very beginning few Indian states, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu and Delhi have been contributing most to the daily number of cases of Coronavirus in India. However, since few days a new pattern has been observed. The states where the cases reported used to be below very less has started to witness a sharp increase in the daily number of reported cases.

The southern states of Karnataka, Telangana, Andhra Pradesh have gradually started a very high number of Coronavirus cases. Telangana and Karnataka have already reported over 25,000 total positive cases while Andhra Pradesh has reported just over 20,000 cases.

Coronavirus in India : How Unlocking of Country has Impacted these Southern States?

In our previous analysis on June 22nd, we found that these were the Top 5 states to return to work

  1. Andhra, -1%
  2. Bihar, -2%
  3. TN, -4%
  4. Assam, -6%
  5. Karnataka, -8%

Three out of the 5 States were from the South. Even Telangana and Kerala were in the Top 10. Were the Southern States in a hurry to open up?

Andhra Pradesh

Jagan Mohan Reddy’s government has been alert since the beginning of Coronavirus in the country. The state has been testing aggressively, contact tracing and treatment has also been carried out aggressively. However, the unlocking of country did not turn out be beneficial for the state. On 1st of June the state has reported only 3676 Coronavirus positive cases. It took another 23 days for the state to hit 10,000. On 24th June the total number of reported cases in state was 10,331. However, in last 12 days the cases have simply doubled in the state. The total number of cases as reported on 6th of July stood at 20,019. Till date the state has carried out over 10,00,000 sample tests.

Coronavirus in India


When Coronavirus was just in initial phase in India, Telangana CM K Chandrashekar Rao had claimed that coronavirus was not a life-threatening organism and that it could be dealt with by popping a few paracetamol pills. But now the state government is struggling to control the spread of Coronavirus in state.

Since the Unlock 1.0 was announced the situation in state went out of control. Initially the state allowed the private hospitals to test and treat COVID-19 patients, but sensing that situation is getting out of control, the state government prohibited the private hospitals to conduct the COVID-19 test. Till date the state does not have a proper portal where real times update about the Coronavirus cases and availability of beds in hospitals can be inferred.

With population of over 3.7 crores, the state has so far conducted only 1,22,218 sample tests and over 25,000 have been Corona positive till date. In fact the Telangana has carrying out tests just over 5000 in a day which is one of the lowest in the country. In last 10 days the state carried out just over 30,000 tests while it had assured court of carrying out 50,000 tests in 10 days. In last 24 hours, Telangana has reported over 1500 COVID-19 cases.


Karnataka has been reporting a record high surge in cases for a few days now. It must be noted that Karnataka has been one of the best performing states when it comes to controlling spread of Coronavirus. In last 6 days the state has reported around 8,800 cases. On 6th of July, the total cases reported was 1843 with 29 COVID-19 related deaths.

Cases in Karnataka started to rise steeply since the Unlock 1.0 was announced. On Monday, 6th July, Karnataka minister JC Madhuswamy has admitted to having community transmission of coronavirus in the state. Till date the state has reported 25,317 Coronavirus positive cases while 7,22,305 sample tests have been carried out in state so for.

The southern states of India has started reporting a sharp rise in Coronavirus positive cases. Tamil Nadu has been the 2nd most infected state in the nation. The total cases in state has crossed over 1,14,000 coronavirus cases till date and there is no sign of relief either. If the southern states are unable to control the virus spread the situation might become worse. The human trial of India’s coronavirus vaccine. COVAXIN, has started however we can just hope that everything turns out to be right.

Coronavirus in India : The Fall of South Indian States

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