Coronavirus in India : West Bengal vs Odisha – Which state is Performing Better?

Coronavirus in India : Coronavirus cases in India have simply exploded. From less than 1000 cases in day now the nation is moving closer to 50,000 cases in a day. On 23rd July India added a total of 48,446 cases taking the total number tally to 12,88,136 cases. West Bengal and Odisha too have started recording good number of cases. On 23rd July West Bengal added 2436 cases while Odisha added 1264 cases. Let us compare which state among them is performing well in terms of handling coronavirus cases based on different parameters.

West Bengal Vs Odisha: Tests per million population

As per the Government’s COVID-19 website total population of West Bengal is stands at 9,69,06,000. West Bengal has conducted around 7,58,027 tests till today. As compared to total population of the state, 7,822 tests per million population has been carried out by the state government as of now.

Odisha and Odisha’s government have been more or less been ignored by the national media. The state with population size of 4,36,71,000 so far has carried out 4,21,931 Coronavirus sample tests. On 23rd July the state carried out just over 11,000 tests. For every 1 million people in Odisha, 9,662 people were tested which is higher than the number of tests carried out by West Bengal.

West Bengal Vs Odisha: Cases per million population

Both West Bengal and Odisha have relatively higher population in India in comparison with other states. West Bengal with a population of over 9 crores is the fourth most populated state in India. Odisha, with around 4 crore people is the 11th most populated Indian state. As per the official Government website 534 out of every 1 million people in West Bengal have tested positive for the virus so far.

Odisha on the other hand is again ahead of West Bengal. As of now 483 people out of every 1 million population have tested positive for Coronavirus in the state.

West Bengal Vs Odisha: Active cases in the states

Both in Odisha and West Bengal the number of recovered cases are higher than the number of active cases. Odisha has 6,561 active cases while 14,393 have already recovered. West Bengal on other hand 6561 active cases as of now. 18,846 cases have recovered in West Bengal.

The active case percentage in Odisha stands at 31.1% while the recovery stands at 68.22%. For West Bengal active cases percentage is slightly higher than Odisha that is 36.41%. The state’s recovery as of now stands at 61.16%.

West Bengal Vs Odisha: Mortality Rate.

The mortality rate of the country is relatively lesser than of other countries, even those who have had lesser number of cases. Yet, this does not mean the same for every state. Each state in India has a different mortality rate.

The mortality rate in West Bengal is 2.42%. Even in this parameter Naveen Patnaik’s Odisha seems to be ahead of Mamata Benerjee’s Bengal. In Odisha the mortality rate is less than 1%. As of now the state’s mortality rate stands at 0.69%.

West Bengal Vs Odisha: Average Growth Rate

Every state in India have increased the daily number of tests. Therefore every state has experienced an increase in daily number of cases. The average growth percentage denotes a weekly analysis of the growth in the number of cases in both West Bengal and Odisha. In case of both the states the average daily growth is calculated between 17th to 24th July.

In Odisha during a time frame of 17th to 24th July the cases grew at 4%. While in West Bengal, a weekly rise of 5% was witnessed.

Coronavirus in India : West Bengal vs Odisha – Which state is Performing Better?

Both West Bengal and Odisha have been fighting against the virus, Odisha seems to be leading the in every parameter as compared with West Bengal. However, be it the Chief Minister or the Government of Odisha, none have taken to media to praise themselves. West Bengal has again started imposing lockdown to curb the growth of cases in the state. Both the states were subjected to heavy floods and cyclones in the recent past and that added on to the state’s burden.

Both Odisha and West Bengal have relatively lower cases than most of the states in country. However, the fight against Coronavirus is yet to be over and the government’s of both the states should take utmost care to make sure the spread of virus is controlled in their respective states. If every India state is able to defeat Coronavirus, Coronavirus in India will be defeated.

Coronavirus in India : West Bengal vs Odisha – Which state is Performing Better?

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