Unbelievable!Coronavirus in Italy exist before China?

Coronavirus in Italy : The Italian scientists have come up with a shocking revelation. The scientists have reported that Coronavirus was circulating in Italy much before the first case was found in December 2019 in China. The scientists have found the traces of Novel Coronavirus in the samples of sewage water that they tested from Northern Italy.

The test was carried out by Italian National Institute of Health. 40 sewage samples were collected from wastewater treatment plants in Milan and Turin. The samples were collected between October 2019 and February 2020. After the tests it was found that the water samples collected on December 18, 2019 had the traces of new Coronavirus. The research brings to light that the virus was circulating in northern Italy much before first case was reported in China. It must be noted that China declared the first case on 31st December 2019.

The findings, however, does not reveal that the first Coronavirus in Italy was from these viruses found in sewage water in Northern Italy. Italy reported its first Coronavirus positive case in the month of February. In Italy the first known non-imported case was a patient in town of Northern Lombardy.

Earlier we reported that Scientists from Hyderabad had made a shocking discovery. The virus, which had set a nationwide lockdown from March, after its mass spreading, has been spreading in the country since November. According to a Times of India report, scientists have estimated that the ancestor of the novel coronavirus strain, discovered in Wuhan, China, was in circulation since December 11, 2019. Scientists associated with top Indian research Institutions used a technique to find out the Most recent common ancestor (MRCA) of Indian Strains and discovered that the virus that is circulating in India originated somewhere in between November 26 to December 25. The median date of which is said to be 11 December 2019.

Some Facts About Coronavirus In Italy

  1. Italy was the first European country to report Coronavirus Positive Case.
  2. Government of Italy issued order of no autopsies of the patients who died of Coronavirus.
  3. Italy was the first European country to call for nationwide lockdown to contain the spread of Coronavirus.
  4. In Italy more men than women have been infected by the Coronavirus and as a result more men died due to virus in the country than women.
  5. In China which gave the virus to the world, death rate in male was reported to be 2.8 percent while in women it was 1.7 percent. However, in Italy the death rate was around 8 percent in male and 5 percent in female.

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Since the Coronavirus outbreak, researchers around the world are trying to find out different modes of transmission of virus. This finding, however, turns out to be one of the major breakthroughs. It must be noted that in Spain, similar study found out that the virus existed in country in the early days of January. The first recorded case in Spain was in February 1st, 2020. In France it was reported that a Frenchman was infected with the virus as early as late December, nearly a month before the country detected its first case.

Till date there have been 2,37,290 cases of Coronavirus in Italy. 16,457 people have already succumbed to the virus. Lombardy, where the first case of Coronavirus in Italy was reported has reported around 91,917 cases till date. Italy which was one the most affected countries due to the virus has been able to contain the virus. Gradually the lockdown measures have been eased. However, the fear of 2nd wave still concerns the nation after the Chinese capital Beijing started reporting new cases. In last 24 hours there have 221 cases of Coronavirus in Italy with 14 deaths.

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