Coronavirus In UP : The State becomes 6th State to Cross 1,00,000 Cases

Coronavirus In UP : Uttar Pradesh has landed itself at the sixth position in the list of the worst affected states by the coronavirus. With the current growth trend in the number of cases, Uttar Pradesh will soon take over Delhi, which is at the fifth position, but hasn’t been reporting a lot of cases lately. With the continued surge being witnessed, Uttar Pradesh’s total case count has breached the one-lakh mark. The surge in cases in the state began in July.

More than 70% of the total cases in the state have been reported in July. This can also be due to the fact that the Yogi-led Government ramped up the Coronavirus testing and has been conducting a very high number of tests as of late. The state has till date conducted 26,89,973 tests. However, despite increasing the state’s testing capacity, per million only 11956.6 tests. The state has a case per million count of 445.9, against a 22.5 crore population.

Coronavirus In UP : Last 24 Hours Update

Nearly 3,000 cases were reported in last 24 hours, which took the coronavirus toll in the state to 1,00,310. Adding the 41 deaths which occurred yesterday in the state due to the virus, Uttar Pradesh now has 1817 coronavirus related deaths. The fatality rate in the state stands at 1.8%. Most of these deaths have been reported from Lucknow, Kanpur Nagar, Meerut, and Agra.

Coronavirus in UP

Coronavirus In UP : How is Uttar Pradesh Faring Against the COVID-19?

The recovery rate in the state is higher than the active case ratio percentage. The number of active cases in the state is 41,222. While 57271 people have recovered from the disease. The recovery rate in the state is 57.1%.

Ms. Kamla Rani Varun, an Uttar Pradesh Minister died of the virus two days after testing positive. She was admitted at the SGPGI hospital Lucknow.

The cases this past week have grown by 5.1% in the state, which is extremely high. If this trend continues, then Uttar Pradesh might become the next big hotspot in the country.

Coronavirus in UP : Ram Mandir Bhoomi Pujan and why people should take precaution?

With the Ram Mandir’s Bhoomi Pooja due today, the whole state, rather the whole nation is ecstatic. Preparations for the long-awaited temple have officially begun and the whole state is looking forward to the ceremony today. Pictures of Ayodhya have been floating on the internet and many wall arts, decorations can be seen in the city. However, it is the need of the hour to maintain caution during the auspicious ceremony and celebration, as it can’t be ignored that we are indeed in the midst of a pandemic.

Uttar Pradesh is in a very vulnerable zone right now, and the state cannot afford any kind of carelessness. Compliance of all the government set guidelines are a must, and maintaining social distancing, wearing a mask are pertinent.

It is hoped that the high number of tests being conducted in the state will help bring down the coronavirus curve which is steepening at large. The aggressive testing in Delhi brought down the capital’s growth rate below 1%. Uttar Pradesh too is on its way to trace and test and will hopefully be set free from the clutches of the virus soon.

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