Coronavirus In West Bengal : Story of Mismanagement

Coronavirus In West Bengal : When news of states of Maharashtra, Delhi and Tamil Nadu having higher cases have been doing round since first day, one state that has not found its mention in national media is West Bengal. The fight of West Bengal government against Coronavirus has always been seen with eye of suspicion. From under reporting of cases, to providing inadequate support to health workers, Bengal government has never failed to surprise people with its ill-management at the time of pandemic. However, there has been very less occasions when national media has covered the deteriorating condition of state.

On Thursday, Bengal reported 1088 new cases. This was the highest daily number of cases reported till date. All the 23 districts of West Bengal are under the grip of coronavirus. The highest number of cases till date has been reported from Kolkata followed by Howrah.

Till date West Bengal has reported 25,911 Coronavirus cases. Kolkata alone has reported 8368 cases. However, the state data shows that 5001 patients have already been discharged in Kolkata. In total the state has reported 16,826 patients to have been discharged and only 8231 cases to be active in state. Coronavirus in West Bengal is gradually increasing. Here is the state bulletin released by state government on 9th of July:

Coronavirus In West Bengal

Coronavirus in West Bengal : Failure of Urban Model

When Coronavirus hit India, everyone feared that Indian rural areas will be the most affected by the virus. However, it is the unplanned Urban clusters which is most affected by Coronavirus. In Bengal, Kolkata, North South 24 Parganas, Howrah are the most affected. The state government restarted enforcing strict lockdown in 25 Containment zones of the state from 9th of July for next seven days. The areas includes :

  • 20/1N, Motilal Basak Lane – Bustee (Kankurgachi)
  • Satyam Towers- 64A Alipore Road – Complex (Alipore)
  • 5B, Judges Court – Complex – (Alipore)
  • 19A Sarat Bose Road, Kol-20 – Complex – (Bhowanipore)
  • Chakraberia Road, Kol-25 (49B, 36A, 44,8/1B,12A) — Mixed– (Bhowanipore)
  • P12 (Kankurgachi), CIT Scheme VII M- Complex- Khottabagan
  • Arif Road [1/2 Arif Road – Bustee- Ultodanga
  • Entire Adhar Chandra Das Lane – Bustee- Ultodanga
  • 138, Purbalok, Kol-99 – Mixed- Mukundapur
  • 55A, Dr Sarat Banerjee Road, Kol-29 –Complex –Bhowanipore
  • 8/C, 3A, 4/1D, Haripal Lane — Mixed — Battala
  • Jawarlal Dutta Lane (Dutta Bagan)–Bustee– Dutta Bagan
  • 1 No Belvedere Road (Belvedre Estate)– Complex– Alipore
  • 2 No. Bijoygarh — Mixed– Bijoygarh
  • 76 to 157 Dr. G.S. Bose Road — Mixed — Kasba
  • 138, Raja Rammohan Sarani (46/57, 57, 104, 96A, 106/2A) — Mixed — Amherst Street
  • Sammilani Park Kolkata – 99 (Mangalik to Jubashakti Sammilani
  • Club) — Multiple Premises — Ajoynagar
  • 17 Ultodanga Main Road (Kar Bagan) —Bustee– Kar Bagan
  • 34L & 64, Suren Sarkar Road — Multiple Premises — Phoolbagan
  • Taran Krishna Naskar Lane crossing with Chaulpatty Road — Mixed — Jora Mandir Bazar
  • 85 to 158 Swinhoe Lane — Mixed– Kasba
  • 22. Baidya Para High School to 46/1 Bhuban Mohan Roy Road —Multiple Premises — Sakher Bazar
  • 51 Pragati Pally to 245C M.G.Road — Multiple Premises — Progati Pally
  • 32, 67B, 5/7 Balaram Dey Street —Mixed– Girish Park
  • Linton Street from Blood Bank (Crossing of Sundari Mohan
  • Avenue) to Vidyapith School —Mixed — Beniapukur

Since the lockdown began, that is from 25th March, West Bengal government has been under attack by the opposition for its mismanagement of pandemic. Moreover, when Cyclone Amphan hit Bengal, the state government totally lost the track. The state however, was able to keep the number of COVID-19 cases under control but it was blamed for conducting less number of tests. Now when the cases are rising, the state government seems to desperately implement different measures hoping that the spread of virus can be controlled.

Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee have blamed central government for all the ill-happenings in West Bengal however, she has never tried to question her own government. If Bengal fails to control the spread of Coronavirus, Mamata Banerjee and her government will be solely responsible for it.

Coronavirus In West Bengal : Story of States Mismanagement

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