Coronavirus India : Maharashtra vs Andhra Pradesh – which state is performing better?

Coronavirus India : Maharashtra and Andhra Pradesh have been reporting the maximum number of coronavirus cases in the country. Both Maharashtra and Andhra Pradesh are reported more than 10,000 cases on 31st July. Maharashtra crossed the 4-lakh mark, and so the lockdown in the state has been extended till the end of August. Andhra Pradesh has been witnessing a sudden surge in the number of coronavirus cases too, as it left Delhi behind and is now the country’s third worst hit state. Delhi is now fourth in the list.

Here are a few parameters by which we can judge the condition of the two states and figure out which is doing better-

Maharashtra Vs Andhra Pradesh: Tests Per Million

Maharashtra’s population is 11.42 crores, the state till date has conducted 21,33,720 tests. For every million population in Maharashtra, 17,467.6 people have been tested for the virus. The tests per million count is not too high in Maharashtra, but it is still decent and higher than few other states.

Andhra Pradesh’s population is merely 4.97 crores. The state has conducted 19,51,776 tests in the state till now. Therefore, for every million, as many as 37,375.3 people have been tested. Andhra Pradesh’s tests per million are significantly higher than that of Maharashtra.

Maharashtra Vs Andhra Pradesh: Active Cases

Maharashtra till date has reported around 4,22,118 coronavirus cases in the state. The active ratio of coronavirus cases in the state stands at 35.7%, making the recovery rate 60.7%. The number of active cases in the state is 1,50,622. Most of these have been reported from Pune, Thane, and Mumbai. More than 2.5 lakh people have recovered of the virus in the state.

In Andhra Pradesh, the number of active cases is greater than the number of recovered cases. The state’s recovery rate is lesser than 50%, and stands at 45.3%. The state has 75,720 active cases, and 63,864 recovered cases. Most of the active cases are from East Godavari, Kurnool, and Anantapur.

Coronavirus India : Maharashtra Vs Andhra Pradesh: Cases Per Million

Andhra Pradesh’s case per million count exceeds that of India’s. While in India, as a whole, the number of cases per million stands at 1273, Andhra Pradesh’s is 2698.8.

The case per million count of Maharashtra is even greater than that of Andhra Pradesh. In Maharashtra, for every million people there are 3455.6 cases.  

Maharashtra Vs Andhra Pradesh: Fatality Rate

Maharashtra’s fatality rate is much higher than that of other states and of India’s 2.18%. Maharashtra has a fatality rate of 3.6%. In Maharashtra, 14,994 people have died of the virus.

In Andhra Pradesh, the case fatality ratio is 1%, much lower that a many of Indian states. The number of people to have died of the virus are 1349.

Maharashtra Vs Andhra Pradesh: Average Growth Rate

This growth rate is calculated on a weekly basis. This indicates the rate at which the cases in the states grew in this week.

Maharashtra’s cases grew by 2.2% this week. While the cases in Andhra Pradesh grew at a much faster pace, by 8.4%.

There is a stark difference between the average weekly growth rates of the two states. In last 24 hours Andhra Pradesh took over Delhi to become 3rd most affected state by Coronavirus in India . Andhra Pradesh, along with other south Indian states have been reporting a huge spiral in the coronavirus cases. Maharashtra on other hand has been reporting highest number of cases from very beginning and it is still continuing to follow same path.

Coronavirus India : Maharashtra vs Andhra Pradesh – which state is performing better?

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