Coronavirus India Update: Cases Rise in Delhi Once Again

Coronavirus India Update: : The coronavirus cases in Delhi have started rising once again. The number of COVID-19 containment zones in Delhi has risen from 539 on 1 August to 716 on 27 August. It is reported that the Delhi Government is mulling to increase the number of containment zones owing to the relaxation in lockdown.

On 17th of August Delhi recorded on 652 Coronavirus postive cases. However, since then number has started rising in the capital city. The number of cases per day after 17th August are:

Coronavirus India Update:

In last one week the average daily growth of cases in Delhi has been below 1% that is only 0.9. In last one week that is from 21st August to 27th August a total of 1,28,825 tests have been conducted in Delhi. From 21st August to 27th August, Delhi has added 10,250 cases.

As the cases in national capital started rising the usual blame of ruling Aam Aadmi Party started. The party is now blaming the central government for not allowing it to conduct more number of coronavirus sample tests in Delhi. Health Minister of Delhi Satyendra Jain sent a letter to Union Home Secretary Ajay Bhall accusing MHA of putting pressure of Delhi government to conduct less number of Coronavirus sample tests in Capital. MHA quickly reacted to the allegation and termed it to be false and baseless.

Delhi has till date conducted 15,03,722 coronavirus sample tests. Initially the capital city reported very high number of cases however with both central and the NCT of Delhi government working together, the rise of cases in Delhi was brought under control. However, the cases have stated rising gradually and with various relief in lockdown if precautions are not followed there may be greater spike in number of cases in Delhi.

Coronavirus India Update: Delhi’s Stats

Till date Delhi has reported 1,67,604 confirmed coronavirus cases. 1,50,027 cases have already recovered that is 89.5% of the total cases. 4369 people have succumbed to the virus in Delhi which takes the fatality rate to 2.6% as of now.

Delhi has carried out 75,891.9 tests per million population and has reported 8,458.9 cases per million population.

Coronavirus India Update: Why Spike in cases is a Worrisome?

Delhi is one of the most densely populated city. One of the reason for early spike in number of cases was its dense population. Added to it, there are news of resumption of metro services in Delhi in September. If so happens the current spike in number of cases just before start of September may become hazardous once the metro services and other activities resumes.

Coronavirus India Update: Situation in India

In India the coronavirus cases is closing to 34 lakhs. There are about 7,45,000 active cases in country as of 28th August. The recovery rate in India is highest in the world that is 76.28%. 25,85,037 cases of Coronavirus have already recovered in India. However over 61,000 people have already lost their lives.

Every major country in and around world including India is working hard to contain the virus and also scientists around the world are working towards development of vaccine to provide protection against the virus. World is hopeful that by end of 2020 or in 1st quarter of 2021 it will see the light of vaccine that will help in eradicating the virus.

Source : Official GOI COVID-19 Website

Source : Official GOI COVID-19 Website

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