Coronavirus India Update : India conducts 10,00,000 tests in One Single Day

Coronavirus India Update : India has ramped up its Covid-19 testing, as around 10 lakh samples were tested yesterday. According to the Union Health Ministry, this was the highest number of tests conducted in a day. The increased testing capacity for the virus in the country will lead to more identification of the people that are infected, and this will help break the virus chain, which causes the formation of new hotspots.

Coronavirus India Update

If the number of tests continue to increase, then it might result in a sharp growth in the number of coronavirus cases, as is being observed lately. Nealy 70,000 cases are being reported each passing day. However, this early identification of the virus helps in providing adequate treatment to the infected, which can also help bring down the mortality rate.

The number of recovered cases has grown by 100%. The recovery rate of the country stands at 74.28%. The mortality rate has also been brought down below 2%, and is 1.89% now.

This increased testing has led to a surge in the cases, as more are being identified. Hence, with over half a lakh cases a day, the total confirmed cases of coronavirus are nearing the three million mark.

Coronavirus India Update : Last 24 hours Update

In the past 24-hours, around 69867 positive coronavirus cases were reported in the country. With over 945 deaths due to the virus, the death toll has reached 55,794.

Despite a sharp increase in the new active cases, the number of recovered cases is way ahead of it.

In a tweet, the Health Ministry said, “Early identification through TESTING, prompt & effective TREATMENT through supervised home isolation and quality medical care, & innovative graded policy measures have resulted in almost 100% increase in recovered cases in the last 21 days.”.

Coronavirus India Update : The states which have conducted the maximum number of tests

Uttar Pradesh- 42.9 lakh tests

Tamil Nadu- 40.6 lakh tests

Maharashtra- 35 lakh tests

Andhra Pradesh- 31.3 lakhs

Karnataka- 23.1 lakh tests

Up until March, India was one of the countries which had the lowest testing rate. This was when only symptomatic people were being tested in the country and who had an international travel history. The COVID-19 testing kits were being saved for suspect cases and other people who had an international travelling history and were symptomatic. This resulted into a very inefficient testing strategy. Early identification, tracing and isolation are key to control the outbreak in the country.

Another reason for this approach was the lack of enough testing kits. Many states were unable to ramp up their testing capacity, due to the limited number of kits provided, which were less than a hundred.

India has come a long way ahead since then, as the tests per day have now crossed the one-million mark.

The WHO recently commented that the pandemic should be under control in two years. Since this isn’t the first pandemic in the history of time, like everything comes to an end, this will too. We are in benefit as modern science has since then has progressed and advanced. The world is better equipped to deal with the pandemic crisis at hand this time around. With a great number of vaccines in the process of development, there is hope that the situation will settle down sooner than anticipated.

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