Coronavirus India Update : Delhi Recovers, Karnataka Falters

Coronavirus India Update : Delhi Recovers, Karnataka Falters

Coronavirus India Update : With over 32,695 coronavirus cases registered in the last 24 hours, India is not far away from hitting the one million mark. More than 600 deaths were reported yesterday, the highest number of deaths in a day. The numbers of cases have shot up through the roof, and there seems no decline in the total number of coronavirus cases in the country, as they are at an all time high.

However, while there is a rise in the number of cases, this is not the same for every state, as some have been doing better, and have managed to take control of the coronavirus situation.

Delhi, which was at one point labelled as the corona capital, owing to the sky-high surge in the coronavirus cases, has now to some extent controlled the catastrophic situation in the national capital. On June 23rd, Delhi reported nearly 4,000 coronavirus cases. since then, a declining trend in Delhi’s cases has been observed, and it is still continuing.

Coronavirus India Update : How Delhi Started Recovering?

Delhi has tuned tables this month, with respect to the coronavirus epidemic. Delhi was subjected to heavy criticism throughout June, where Deputy CM Manish Sisodia went as far as saying following the current trend, Delhi might reach 5.5 lakh cases by the end of July. This statement gathered a huge controversy. Delhi’s condition was grim.

Upon the intervention of Union Home Minister Amit Shah, Delhi has been percolating its efforts to curb the coronavirus epidemic in the state.

coronavirus India update

The sky-high growth rate of 6%, is now down to 1.7%. At one point, Delhi had overtaken Maharashtra with a higher daily growth rate.

In the last 24-hours around 1642 cases were registered in Delhi. More than 20,000 tests are being conducted in the capital every day, which is significantly higher than the number of tests that were being conducted in May, and early days of June. Despite this increase in the number of tests conducted per day, the positivity rate has significantly decreased.

Not only has the daily number of cases decreased, the recovery rate has also improved up a few notches to nearly 82%.

Ever since Delhi ramped up their testing, and conducted door to door testing, things have taken a turn towards the positive. new isolation centers, such as Sardar Patel facility, and other make shift hospitals played a crucial role in starting this declining-cases trend.

The number of recovered patients in the capital, per day, is more than the number of fresh cases per day.

Coronavirus India Update : How Karnataka Started Faltering?

However, recent developments in Karnataka highlight a reverse of what is happening in Delhi. The number of people testing positive every day, has gone up significantly. Karnataka’s growth rate is as high as 7.36%. The doubling time of Karnataka is less than ten days. This growth rate exceeds Maharashtra’s, which has the maximum caseload in the country.

coronavirus India update
coronavirus India update

With the exponential rise witnessed in Karnataka, it might be shoulder to shoulder with Maharashtra soon.

The state has around 44,000 cases as of now, making it in the top five states, with the heaviest caseload. The state registered more than 3000 cases in the last twenty four hours.

What is even worse is the state’s Health Minister’s response to the whole situation. He remarked that “Only God can save us” and that no one could have controlled the epidemic in Karnataka. The lament in his voice is extremely dejecting for people who live in the state and are a victim to the epidemic there.

He also spoke on how the cases will only rise from now.

With the number of cases reaching 50,000, and death toll reaching 1000, the state needs active Government involvement and stringent testing.

Karnataka should learn from Delhi, which at one point also had an extremely high growth rate, but active testing and efforts helped curb the coronavirus epidemic in the state, as the numbers of cases have lowered in the state.

Instead of shedding off any responsibility, the Government should take strict actions, like what happened in delhi, and turn things around for the better.

Coronavirus India Update : Delhi Recovers, Karnataka Falters

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